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    Not many people know who they are, so i'll explain a little first. they are a heavy metal band, but they play on cellos. It's only four guyes, and they each have cellos. there is no singer or guitarrist or anything. just cellos.

    when i got there, my dad worked his way tword the middle of the pit as i followed. we were a little late so we only just got into the pit. stage, there were skulls comming out of the ground, and i couldn't tell what the background picture was. when the lights came on befor they did, i saw the picture. it was a cello, but the top of it was a skull, and the fingerboard broke out of the top of the skull. the skulls comming out of the ground were actually chairs that they sat on. and they also had added a drummer to thier band.

    when they played... WOW! it was SO COOL!!! they head banged and stood up while playing. they played fast songs, slow songs, heavy songs. the heavy songs were so cool because they were played on cellos. and it was AMAZING! they were so good at playing. i was grinning the whole time. there were a few people croud surfing, and i almost had to catch one but he was sent back front. it was such a fun show.

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    Awesome, Apocalyptica rocks! I love the bowed distortion.

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    i like it better undistorted. when it's distorted it sounds too much like an electric guitar. but when it's not, it's just the pure cello playing what it was never ment to play.

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    Well, the bowed distortion doesn't really sound so much like an electric guitar to me (though when they pluck it does). It's also amazing the range of notes they play on a cello. Personally, I like their performances of Metallica's songs better than Metallica's performances of them .

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    I like their cover of One better than the original Metallica version.

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    and no one can say that "Nothing else matters" is better played on the guitar. they played it for their 2nd oncore, and i almost missed it. i was about to leave when every one started chearing again and we ran back to a good place. that's still probably one of my favorite songs.

    they played one of their new songs, Grace. i really want to play that myself. it didn't seem too hard to play, and it was really cool.

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