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    Smile Heeey

    Hello everyone!
    Well I guess its time for me to come out of my shell and say hello I'm Taylor and live in Sydney Australia but am currently on a world trip. I'm writing this from holland and am on my way to Paris tomorrow so whenever I can get online I will try to reply.

    A bit about myself, I'm fresh outta school and went through to yr 12, deferred uni for a year and went travelling, so far loving it! I ride bmx most days and have a had a full time job since December to save for my trip. I guess you
    could say I live a normal enough life and have had a curiosity with nappies for aslong as I can remember, so it will be good to share some of my
    experiences and am looking forward to meeting some of you!

    Anyway enough chit chat, that's my intro all done and dusted, I hope someone reads it! haha

    take care everyoneee
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    Welcome Kater! .

    Yay, Yet another aussie! If you are interested in talking to some other australians join my group the link is just under my post, in my signature

    What kind of music do you like??


    Link is --------------------- VVVVVVVV Here
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    Welcome to our community ADISC Kater! Feel free to post around as much as you'd like!

    I am so jealous about the places your traveling. I would love to go to both of those cities.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Just finished packing my bag and about to get on the high speed train to Paris. I'm pretty open as far as music goes, I like to ride to anything old haha don't know why, every other day I will usually listen to bands like the kooks, silversun pickups and something with numbers.

    I will join your group now snaps!

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