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Thread: Is it uncomfortable to have an erection in your diaper?

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    Default Is it uncomfortable to have an erection in your diaper?

    I saw in some threads that you need to tuck your penis downwards into the diaper, so it won't leak out the top, when you pee.

    When you're wearing the diaper, and you start getting an erection, is it uncomfortable, or you somehow get a mid-erection and then it goes flaccid again, or what?

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    No, I don't think it's uncomfortable.
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    Yeh P, it bloody hurts! lol, sometimes its unavoidable and youv just gotta do what you can to get rid of it *insert obvious*, its annoying most of the time cause you cant wet till you get rid of it...

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    If a guy is fully erect, he can't really pee, or at least it's difficult; it has to be somewhat flaccid. And if your diaper completely covers you and is tight, nothing will come out the top. And whether you're wearing a diaper or underpants, the degree of discomfort with an erection just depends on what position your penis is in at the time. If it's facing down, it's not going to be comfortable, but up is fine.

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    I've never had any problems with not having mine facing down, just make sure you got your diaper on snug.

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    So if the diaper is on well, then I can pee with my penis pointing upwards, and it won't leak out?

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    If you're laying down, it might leak out the top, but gravity should prevent that if you're standing up. Plus, you're likely to have padding around your opening, so it'll be right present to absorb.

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    I always point mine facing down. It doesn't hurt at all. The only thing though, when you *start* to get an erection, it'll feel a little strange. If you can tolerate those couple minutes though, it won't get fully hard and go away by itself.

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    I find it uncomfotable to have an errection in my diapers, but I guess not all guys find it uncomfortable.
    also some of incon sites recomend guys point their penis downward in their diapers.
    because your less likely to leak or pee over the top of your diaper.

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