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Thread: What do you think about poop scenes in movies?

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    Default What do you think about poop scenes in movies?

    I personally find them funny and somewhat rebellious, as most movies usually don't address things like this.

    My favorite is the one in "Two Weeks Notice" when Sandra Bullock has to use the toilet bad, and she is carried into an RV, and the driver of the RV is paid $1000 to let her use the toilet.

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    OK, you're getting into creepy territory here now. I know you're new here, but ADISC is not your average diaper forum where you talk about piss and poop and erections in diapers all day.
    Please get some variety into the threads you make and steer clear of those adult-rated topics or topics that are considered this one. "Poop Scenes" in movies have nothing to do with diapers, and I fail to see the fascination with them so they have to be discussed on this forum. Those kinds of discussions will only make other people believe they can discuss their scat fetish here or stuff like that.

    Thread closed before it even gets out of hand or becomes a threat to the forum.

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