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    Default Terms of use advice?

    It has been a busy weekend. One person copied multiple articles of mine for his blog. While complimentary, this can create a negative user experience since none of the links on his copy of the articles work. Another person added a new link to the Understanding Infantilism home page. This is fine, but a link that went straight to the data being referred to might be more helpful for the reader.

    I've been meaning to write a 'terms of use' for the AB/DL Surveys Project for a while now. I suppose there is no time like the present. The intent is to permit others to use data from the surveys in their articles and research, while reserving some protection from plagiarism.

    Here it goes:
    1. Deep linking to pages is permitted and encouraged. Deep linking involves linking directly to the specific page or section within a page, as opposed to just the index or home page. (By the way, I hope ADISC is OK with deep linking. Otherwise, I'll have to move about a half dozen links.)

    2. It is OK to reuse plots, statistics, and/or discussion, given the following conditions:
    a. No more than three questions per article are reused, and in no more than three articles per website.
    b. The website, journal, etc., is non-profit.
    c. A reference (in printed media) or link (in web pages) to the source material is included in the article. This may be to the particular results page, the surveys project page, or the home page.
    d. The article is not released under a license that conflicts with these terms of use. (For example, inclusion in a Wikipedia article requires that the material be released under GFDL.)

    3. Permission for other uses can be requested from the article's authors. Generally, there will be an email link either at the top or bottom of the page. Since the survey results are the work of both the analyst and the surveyees, these requests will be reviewed liberally.

    4. Additional survey data can be requested for research. Data about specific surveyees or data that might compromise the anonymity of surveyees will not be released.

    Fair use is permitted, of course. However, I'm not sure how to mention this without forcing a definition of fair use.

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    ADISC is fine with deep linking. My only suggestion there is check occasionally to make sure that the pages haven't been moved.

    Personally, I think your requirements are too strict. For example... do you really want to bar all commercial websites from using anything from your project? If they can't use it, you won't get links from them. I'd suggest allowing them to use at least a little, with a link to you. I understand that you want to stop people making money from your work, but what if a commercial psychology book wants to use some of your data? It seems that, by nature of being a for-profit book, they are excluded from doing so, even if the book is educational and otherwise morally good in nature.

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    You might be right about it being too strict. Getting the thoughts of others is the reason I'm posting it here for discussion.

    I'd consider a short quote and some statistics to be fair use. These would be available to anyone, for any purpose, no matter what the terms of use said.

    For larger uses, they can always email me. Since I don't claim to be 'Dr. Grey, PhD' the book's authors would probably need to converse with me as part of due diligence, even if he or she didn't have additional questions.

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