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    So it seems to me that there are a handful of people in the AB/DL community that are well known to just about everyone in the community. You could call them "AB/DL Celebrities." Their names get around a lot, some are active in online chat, and others are not. (Although I really appreciate it when they post on boards, because it helps me to know how genuine they are/aren't). So I thought I'd make a list, just for fun of the people that I think are the most known in the community. It obviously won't be complete, but I'm interested in hearing whether others agree or disagree with me. Then I'd like to hear who else should make that list. Here it goes:

    (Note: This has nothing to do with my opinion of the people, just who I think is well known. And I won't be listing him-who-shall-not-be-named.)

    Annie/Anastacia, Adrian Surley, Diapered Kitten (name???), Angela Bauer, Felicity, Aunt-Ellie Girl (name???)

    So help me out. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Who else?

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    I just realized I only mentioned girls! Haha! Guess that can't be an accurate list since most in the AB/DL community are men!

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    True. I'd have to add Pampered Penny up there.

    And I think the celebrities are girls because what straight DL guy wants to talk to guys? I see a lot of straight ABDLs freaking out about "NO HOMO."

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    Haha! Your list kind of makes me laugh. I know you said it was not a complete list but jeez there is a ton more people who are a lot more known. For one Peachy and Moo are probably the best well known.

    There I gave probably the two most well known so other people can continue now, I am interested just to see what people have to say now, especially since I been gone for a year!

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    Peachy and Moo are probably the best well known.
    good addition. I honestly would have mentioned them, but I didn't know if they were only active on this site.

    I have also seen Mako's name a lot. He is the only person I have heard a reference to in actual life, not on the internet. (I was at the D.C. munch).

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    Riley Kilo possibly
    another good one.

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    What defines "celebrity"?
    - people who stick their neck out, like that dude who runs around his town in his pink baby girl outfit?
    - people who host/created/manage websites with lots of members/visitors?
    - people with blogs that have many readers?
    - people who have been through the (other) media (TV, magazines etc.)?
    - people who are just loud and always make their voice heard?

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    What defines "celebrity"?
    Oh goodness, I don't know. I wasn't trying to be deep, just thought it would be a fun thread. Let it mean what you want it to, but I would try to stick to positive examples.

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    Myself. Unfortunately. S'what happens when you've made an active attempt to define the lifestyle as both safe and positive.

    Let's not forget Baby Elliot (Aka Baby Ronin) for her awesome art.

    As Peachy says...The above would be the only real definitions, with me being:

    "- people who are just loud and always make their voice heard?"

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