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Thread: 'nother one from Norway

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    I'm just this guy, you know, living in a country lot of people seem think is the Capitol of Sweden. But it's great here, snow in the winter if you care for such, and you'll be able to work on your tan in the the summer, so all in all, a nice place to live.

    The user name Bamsen, was chosen in a period of complete lack of creativity, and is how kids would refer to their teddy bear in Norwegian. Curiously enough, several people I've met in ABDL-settings has commented on how well the nick fits me, so I guess I'll stick with it - or let it stick with me

    On ABDL, I'm mostly DL, but not without AB-tendencies. I love footed jammers, overalls, shortalls, and have a little collection of such.

    Of other interests, there's music, literature, MC, movies and being with friends.

    If you wish to know more, please ask - I seldom bite, but might growl a bit at times

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    Thanx, I'm fine, and you?

    BTW - what you wrote is in Swedish - and for some peculiar reason, it seems swedes have problems understanding Norwegian, while we usually understand them perfectly well

    Puts us at an advantage when Scandinavians meet

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    Thank you

    Good question, some years ago, I was very focused on jazz, in particular contemporary jazz, including the Norwegian scene. Now I listen to whatever gets and holds my interest/attention. It ca be quite widespread, from Ennio Morricones film music, ambient (for instance Biosphere), Rammstein, unsigned bands, african music, pop music, you name it..., so I guess I'm not really into anything, at the moment

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    Welcome to our community ADISC! Feel free to post around as much as you'd like!

    Glad to see more people from my Scandinavian heritage!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here! Now I am assuming that the number of members from the Scandinavian region is just increasing so much nowadays.

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    Eclipse, tk7432, thanx

    I think I'll try to check out the «site culture» a bit, before posting much

    So, the number of Scandinavians increase here? Good thing it isn't just our weight that's increasing :P

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    Haha im from sweden and i think that you guys from norway understands swedish better thatn we swedish people understand norweigan xD

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    Hey, with a name like that, you should get a job at Kongeparken! Seriously, welcome to the site from an American ex-pat living in Norway but very soon to return to America!

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