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Thread: Truth! Justice! Freedom!...and a hard boiled egg

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    Default Truth! Justice! Freedom!...and a hard boiled egg

    yes today is the glorious 25th of may, where the lilac rose and fell and... wait. what do you MEAN this is the wrong universe?... jeez i just got theuniverse wrong i wasnt expecting the unmentionables *sounds of shuffles, and a person walking off screen

    ok ill come clean, today is the day of the revolution of ankh morpork where mad lord winder was assassinated and patrician snapcase instated
    for those who dont realise im referring to terry pratchetts nightwatch a story whoes issues can ery well cover the general trends in social order. (or disorder as the more accurate)

    great talking points

    weapons laws (yeah yeah i know)

    stupid rulers and military/ security leaders.
    lik the guys who led the charge of the light brigade in the crimean war

    and general law andorder issues,
    quote: vimes seesthe world in 'this is how pople are, what do we do about it.
    captain swingof the unmentionables, is said o think more like 'this is how people ought to be, how do we change them, and trying to determin someones 'inherent nature' by use of a complex battery of measurements of skull and facial features.

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    Ah, so that explains what the "Wear lilac if you were there" marked on my Discworld calendar for today means! It's been a while since I read Night Watch, and I have a bad habit of not remembering details from the books anyway (despite having read all of the Discworld books up to Unseen Academicals, which I've still yet to find time to read -- I've been reading Ben Goldacre's excellent Bad Science since January ).

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