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    Unhappy Scared

    Hmmm, well, as the title goes im starting to get a bit scared.

    Recently i have noticed some changes within my body.

    Whether im diapered or not when i feel the urge to go for a pee, i usually cant hold it anymore for less than 10 seconds before it comes out.

    I try to hold it but 99% of the time it just comes out on its own and the amount of clothes that i have ended up having to wash because of these accidents is becoming abit out of hand.


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    Sorry to hear that BabyGinger.

    This is most definitely a medical issue and you should go to a health professional to make sure that this isn't something that could be potentially harmful to your health.

    Medical Professionals are paid to take their job seriously, do im sure they will be able to help with your issue


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    Thanks for your words of wisdom Snaps

    I think i might just go to the doctor and see what is going on before it gets worse.

    From a sad Ginger

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    babyginger - def go see a urologist - quick. if you have an infection you don't want it going up to the kidney or it can cause major problems. i saw you only mess now and then. that can def cause a uti. actually there are LOTS of things that can cause it but meds for it are cheap and work fast.

    just as a fyi extra tho: Temporary incontinence may be caused by:
    * Diet
    *Fluid intake
    * Severe constipation
    * Infections in the urinary tract or vagina
    * Certain medications, such as diuretics (water pills); sleeping pills or muscle relaxants; narcotics, such as morphine; antihistamines; antidepressants; antipsychotic drugs; or calcium channel blockers

    there are lots of other things that can cause temp i/c to and a jillion questions i could ask but the best advise is first go see a doc.

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    Butterfly Mage


    A doctor is the person to see. I bladder infection is a pretty common cause of incontinence and extremely treatable.

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