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Thread: Every style has good music

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    Default Every style has good music

    Before I explain: NO "[genre] sucks", it's the whole point in the thread!

    Since there are so many people who say a certain genre sucks, if you have any idea of a good artist that people might like, post it here with the appropriate genre. So if someone thinks some kind of music is crap, you can just direct him/her here. Different languages work too, it's interesting to find new music in your native or second language too. But don't abuse it.

    Why am I doing this?
    If you think this is a useless thread, it's your opinion, but I'm tired of the "[style] sucks", "[style] is always [stereotype/prejudice]"... I want to try making a music thread that will not contain those kinds of comments. So PLEASE don't post something like this, or I will click on that nifty Report button near your post. This topic is meant to prove that every style has good artists and good songs. Thanks.

    Progressive Rock/Metal
    Schism - Tool

    Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
    Be As - Prozzšk

    Plus Rien - Les Cowboys Fringants (French)

    New Wave
    Take On Me - a-ha
    Are 'Friends' Electric? - Tubeway Army/Gary Numan
    Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran

    Szamar Madar - Venetian Snares
    Einstein-rosen bridge - Venetian Snares
    Lockjaw - Xanopticon

    Autumn Windows - The Flashbulb

    The Taste Of Ink - The Used
    I Woke Up In A Car - Something Corporate

    Huddle Formation - The Go! Team

    Alternative Rock
    Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park

    Tracks Of Time - Fracture & Survival

    Finished Symphony - Hybrid

    Punk Rock
    Prayer Of The Refugee - Rise Against
    The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring
    Walking Disaster - Sum 41

    Ska Punk
    Dopeman - Less Than Jake

    Christian Rock
    Stars - Switchfoot
    Bite My Tongue - Relient K
    Frontline - Pillar

    Pop Rock
    Unwanted - Avril Lavigne

    Don't hesitate to contribute anything you like. I'll add them to the first post so it can serve as a reference. If you could post a link, it would be appreciated. Use if you don't want to post the YouTube video directly.
    Note that some videos may not be available in some countries. A few of the videos I tested didn't work for me. In case it does the same thing with you, you should just search the song's name on YouTube and you should find it easily.
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    You know? As much as I hate the lyrics in a lot of rap, I have to level with you; those songs have a good beet.

    Other than that I like every music genre.

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    New Wave
    a-ha - Take On Me
    Tubeway Army/Gary Numan - Are 'Friends' Electric?
    Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

    Then again, I just love New Wave and I could make a much longer list.

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    Footed P.J.


    Dude, I'm the most stubborn atheist I know and I disagree with that. WORD-FM here in Pittsburgh has a great "pop" show at night. Even Good Charlotte, which isn't a Christian band per se, has kind of a sonic aesthetic that resembles some Christian pop I have heard, and I like them.

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    Some Jazz 'n' Bass here, a very moving and beautiful song coupled with a nice beat.

    Fracture & Survival: Tracks of Time

    Also, a really good alternative band I recently discovered, The Go! Team. Here's a good song by them called 'Huddle Formation'

    Huddle Formation

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    Epic genra (you'll know what i mean if you listen to the songs):

    Another Holy War - Blind guardian
    Mirror Mirror - Blind guardian
    Fly - Blind guardian
    Set the world on fire - Symphony X
    Serpent's kiss - Symphony X

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    I can't get to youtube now (using iPod to type) but how hard is it to look up a song?
    I normally listen to metal and hardcore stuff, but this song is the shiz

    Techno (no lyrics)
    Hybrid-Finished Symphony

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    Nice Punk would be Rise Against

    The lyrics are just awesome, and I LOVE this guys voice.

    One of my all time favorite bands, Something Corporate is considered emo, but I don't mind:

    And Dope Man from Less than Jake just awesome


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