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Thread: Hi all.. Ive been tagged a Lurker!! ;)

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    Default Hi all.. Ive been tagged a Lurker!! ;)

    Hello everyone,

    Im DLBry,

    I have been a DL since I was 10 or 11

    Like most of you I went many years without them and now find myself in them again and cant believe the forums supporting DLs! I knew there were others, but not so many!!

    This seems like a great website to explore all the things we love about diapers!

    I love the comfort and security from them.. what a great escape!

    Also a time saver too!! No frequent trips to the bathroom while working around the house!!

    Bambinos are my favorite. I have tried Cushies and Dry 24/7 recently too.. Dry 24/7 is awesome, but too pricey!!!

    Well, just wanted to say hi to everyone!! Hope to make some friends while Im here too!

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    LURKER! LURKER! LURKER! Just kidding!

    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you have enjoyed this site so far for your first month here and hope that you will become a contributing member to our society here. So, do you have any interests or hobbies that you would like to share? Incredible oddities?

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    Welcome to our community ADISC!

    Please do not lurk so much and feel free to post around as much as you'd like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLBry View Post
    I have been a DL since I was 10 or 11
    Nice to se you welcome to ADISC. Do you parents now a both the diaper?

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