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    Default Avatars This is pretty old, and the name thread made me think of this.

    For many of us the avatars we use represents us in some way.

    What is your avatar/where is it from?
    Currently I have a pic made by Sila, because she is awesome. I thought it was cute so I used paint to zoom in on "me". I'm pretty sure I said "not furry", but it's me so when she asked to put ears and a tail I caved >_>

    What does it mean to you?
    I wouldn't really say it "means" as much to me as old pics. I like it because Sila made it, and it's probably the closest thing I have to being a furry, so I guess it does mean a bit to me.

    What other avatars/profile pictures have you used? (Cool if you can find them)
    (see bottom)

    What would your next avatar be?
    My next avatar will probably be whatever I ask Shuii to draw me, if I decide to. If not it'll probably be something surrounding FMA.

    Anyway, my other pics are:

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    I just borrowed mine from a web site that sells clothing made for sissies. To me, it represents a make-believe, mental image of how I've always wanted to look, and how I always wanted to dress. It's just a little piece of a fantasy.

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    Okay, lets see how far I can go with this.

    (missing image)
    This is my current avatar from Bloo. He is a character from the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I recently got back into the show and I chose this picture because it was just my opinion to show my cool and gangsta side even though he eventually gets picked on in this episode as the chase right after this scene he becomes a nerd.

    (missing image)

    My last avatar was the character of Ceviche, an anthromorphous moose/antelope gymnast/dancer from the show Chowder. As many here at ADISC know, I am a deep fan of the show Chowder and I am not afraid to say that. I chose this avatar because I love the concept of the character of Ceviche in his role as a secondary supporting character. He showed his niceness and charisma with a helping hand, while still showing a little flamboyance. This character is a very comparative character to myself because I am always there to put up a smile and will always be open about myself. Plus the hair and leotard is awesome.

    (missing image)

    This was another of my longstanding avatars in a picture of Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson. I chose this avatar because although I am a Washington Redskins fan I deeply respect Andre Johnson due to his value as a star WR in the NFL even though he is still one of the most underrated players in the league. This is how at one point and to an extent I still feel about myself here at this site due to my outstanding contributions on this site with limited response (not ranting about anything ). Although my popularity on this site has skyrocketed from before my post explosions, I still call myself ADISC's underdog.

    (missing image)

    This was my first avatar (link is from Lego Brickshelf) back in early 2009. Due to my username content similar to the identification of an Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars, I felt as though I had to commemorate it with an avatar. Nowadays, I try to identify my avatars more with myself so that is why I have transitioned away from Star Wars.

    Unlike some members, I have had a long history of many avatars. Most of the avatars are in an album featured on my user page if anyone is curious in looking through it.

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    What is your avatar/where is it from?

    My avatar is a funky reaction panel of Scott Pilgrim from the aptly named Scott Pilgrim comic book series (which I highly recommend).

    What does it mean to you?

    Not a lot.

    What other avatars/profile pictures have you used?

    My avatar usage is probably in the hundreds. I'm not even going to attempt to list. My chronic avatar swaps is probably the only thing I'm (in)famous for 'round the forums.

    What would your next avatar be?

    I don't know... Yet. May stick with the Scott Pilgrim theme if I can find decent stock to use.
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    What is your avatar/where is it from?
    It is currently a photo of the $1 bill in the Princess series of Disney Dollars from 2008.

    What does it mean to you?
    I really love Disney Princesses and would LOOOOVE to be one. There were only three in the series, and of them, I like Ariel the most.

    What other avatars/profile pictures have you used?

    What would your next avatar be?
    Probably something with Belle, but it'll have to be cute. . . check back later.

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    What is your avatar/where is it from?
    I got this current avatar from Loopy. He had been out at a club dancing or something, as I recall, and took a picture of the club. I'll ask him for the original picture and post it here when I get the chance. Here it is. Anyways, it turned into kind of a mini-meme in a certain anti-potty group's IRC channel. He is the Blue-Shirted Dude, and as I recall, he kind of photobombed the original picture.

    What does it mean to you?
    I dunno... I feel it's just silly, and it makes me laugh every time I post. It has the same effect on Oli, apparently.

    Next one: Dunno, whatever comes up. I'm pretty flexible about what I use for an avatar.
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    I guess mine's obvious. I'm a big dog lover and sort of a dog whisperer. We just connect. I can be walking and dogs will appear and start following me. My wife says I should bath more often...sigh.

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    I don't have an avatar because I don't have any images at the moment that I believe accurately represent me as a person.

    Not that' I've been trying really hard

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    My current one is just something I found on Google Images, I grabbed it 'cause I thought it looked cool. It doesn't really represent me, well maybe sort of, I would imagine it reflects my interests. The only reason I changed mine was because things needed to be freshened...

    My old one...

    For the next avatar I may modify my current one or find something new, depends on what I find out there.

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    What is your avatar/where is it from?
    An edited picture of Hank Hill.

    What does it mean to you?

    What other avatars/profile pictures have you used?
    None so far.

    What would your next avatar be?
    I don't know.

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