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Thread: favorite movies

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    Question favorite movies

    the 1st 4th 6th harry potter movies, the notebook, letter to god and meet the fockers

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    From Justin to Kelly

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    I think there has been several topics to which this question has been answered, and some of them I believe may be still open. But to answer the question, I will answer with:

    The Pink Panther
    Star Wars (all six)

    Edit: Your Most Watched Movie

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    In fairness the movie you have watched the most isn't always your favorite, usually but not always

    As for mine, I love so many its hard to choose a top 5 would probably be:

    Donnie Darko
    Wall Street
    Lion King

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    I am not sure if I have seen Casablanca or Rocky Horror in theaters more often. I started dressing as Janet for midnight Rocky Horror screenings when I was 17 and still do so a few times a year. I have never dressed as a character in Casablanca.

    Now that we are into the DVD and BLU RAY era, I can watch just my favorite parts of movies when I do not have time for an entire feature. Currently the oldest of my favorites is the 1931 version of The Maltese Falcon with Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels with Una Merkel and Thelma Todd. Next is another Pre-Code Hollywood film, Baby Face, starring Barbara Stanwyck, closely followed by Employee's Entrance with a very young Loretta Young. Those two films are considered responsible for causing the Production Code to be enforced in 1934.

    More modern favorites are: Kiss Me Kate!
    Blue Hawaii
    Donovan's Reef

    Plus: Gigi and Devil Wears Prada

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    Maybe Space Jam (Warner Brothers), or Wall-E (Disney/Pixar).
    Avatar is among my favourites, but I'm sick of watching it.

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    In no order at all, here are movies I really like.

    ::takes deep breath::

    Yes... I have no life..

    Also Sebine....Avatar wasn't that great asides for its effects.

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