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Thread: Can someone spare some info?

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    Default Can someone spare some info?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone shares in this situation and could help? I don't get to wear often and I end up thinking and dreaming about it. Finally when I get to wear, I only do it in my room alone with poor quality generics that make me too nervous to be comfortable. This just makes wearing feel like a burden. Any ways I can make wearing a better experience? Please help me thanks in advance!

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    Buy better diapers, and just relax while watching TV, sitting in front of the PC, or doing everyday, mundane things. Try not to think too much about it. The less you think about it, the less stress you'll have. Also, go ahead and test those diapers. If anything, you can just put a towel down on your bed, just in case, you know?

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    I would go with buying better diapers. Remember that to enjoy yourself in a diaper you must relax and let your mind at ease. Don't put too much stress on being caught or that will compromise your enjoyment time. Relax, chill, and just let your mind return to ease and that should make your time in a diaper more enjoyable. Also remember that for the diapers, comfort should always be of consideration. Don't make it seem like you are wearing a piece of paper between your legs. Just find some diaper that is comfortable for you and let your psychological aspect of enjoyment take you on a trip that you can't be bummed about.

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    Thanks guys ^^ I appreciate the tips and now that vacation is coming I should get an opportunity or two.

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    If you have access to enough of the generics then wear more than one to make it thicker. If it does not fit quite right then use some duct tape. The tape gives me more of a secure feeling when a diaper does not tightly fit. Do you not feel comfortable because who might come through the door or is it the diaper? If you are not worried about someone coming in then maybe you are not fully comfortable with the diapers themselves. You could possibly need an activity to go along with your diapers. I am not sure about your hobbys but if you could wear and do a hobby then maybe you would settle down and be more comfortable with yourself in a diaper. I hope that you find an answer that fits your needs.

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    thanks Iamjust2 I am nervous about both of those... I wonder if it would help if I were a little more open? Perhaps I'll try it out in public (with a better brand of course)

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    Since I wear pullups and tapes daily and guard combinations maybe you can try what I do? If I know I am going to be outside for a while like all day at the mall or something but i don't want to be over thick under my jeans *being to thick and tight jeans pushes the inside diaper closer to your body and doesn't let it wick good enough even on good diapers so you have higher chance of leaking even when super thick* I will tell you a really good way to last thru 2 to even 4 full wettings before nedding to change. Each diaper is sliced about as long as your thumb and all over so it looks like it's almost shredded. each slit about a half inch away from the other and top to bottom on the padding except the last one (cover).
    Padding Used - Assurance Maximum cloth backed, Medline super pullups, Tena maximum guards

    2 full wettings with no leaks and jeans = cut Pullup, cut pad center on tape
    2-3 full wettings with no worry about leaks and jeans = cut pullup, cut pad, cut pad, pullup tight underwear
    3-4 full wettings - cut pullup, 3 cut pads, tape, tight underwear.

    the pads are put on the 'bottom' first then the 'front' so it can drain to the back. the 3 pads is front, back, front.

    I can wear jeans like this and i wear a untucked shirt all the time and no one has ever noticed. you can't really even tell looking in the mirror unless you are looking for the 3-4 wetting style. For playtime if i wanna save my good ones and have huge waddle i'll use tape, 3 pads, tape, 2 pads, tape and a pullup stretched over all of it. talk about super thick! hehehee even being incon i can go all evening and night like that without needing a change

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