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    Alright, now that I got the little buggers, I guess I should give a review on the lil' buggers.

    It is cloth backed, has no leak guards, two tapes to a side, etc.

    By the feel from just putting it on, it's actually pretty stiff, so it makes it feel bulky. This could just be due to the fact I -just- put it on from being taken from the bag, but regardless.

    After using it for my "Just got home from school" potty ((Mind you, I don't use the bathroom right before I got to bed, before, or during school)), and it soaked the front padding, and most of the padding in between my legs. After sitting down, I leaked a bit, and I use "bit" pretty well, since it wasn't that much if any.

    And just by the feel, I can tell I'm wet, which can get pretty nerve wracking after about an hour or so of wearing. When I walk the pad doesn't swish around in between my legs, so it feels like a stiff sponge found its way in between my legs. ((Mind you again, it did just come outta the pack, so the padding didn't get much time to move around.))

    As for crinkle, since it -is- cloth backed, there is more of a rustle, which just by wearing the diaper you will hear by any means, and with just my sweat pants on the sound is pretty much neutralized, but the rustle is still present.

    So, over all:

    Absorbency: 8/10 ((Considering I had been holding it for 15+ hours and only a small leak.))

    Tapes: 8/10 ((Since it is cloth, the more you readjust, or just wear it, the tapes will either decide they want to crap out after I'm unhappy with where they were, or tear at the cloth to the point I can't even readjust.))

    Comfort: 7/10 ((The bulk is nice, but I'd like to move with the diaper, not have it stationary and scream in protest of moving.))

    [I -did- have pictures, but then my computer rejected them and by then I deleted them from my mom's camera >_<]


    Edit 2: I suck at grammar and spelling.
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    HEh i actually got two samples from an ab friend. I didnt like the way there leg cuffs looked but they worked just fine. Only thing you want to worry about is ripping off a tape cause its cloth cause once a tape goes it sucks. They are as thick as an abena x plus and can hold alot! I wasnt a big fan of all the excess cloth that went around my waist but heh ure always gonna have excess plastic on a diaper sooo. It sorta clumpled when it was soaked. You can re adjust the tapes whenever u want which is cool and the tapes held up well. Its a pretty good diaper despite all that i have to say about it heh. I have a sz 30 waist and weight 135-140lbs. If you have anymore questions let me know! Oh ya and they are super silent haha i love cloth covered diapers for that. You can wear them anywhere and no one will noticed because there is no sound. I wore them in front of roomates and they had no idea haha!

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    I haven't tried these yet. But with my recent dissapointment in Tena's "new & improved" diapers I get to go brand shopping once again. I may get some.

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    Thanks for the input. Hopefully I should get them by wednesday, or friday, or somewhere in that general region.

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    Okay... who just neg repped him for bumping the thread? That's lame.

    Secondly... maybe you shouldn't hold it for that long Rahara... it can be bad for you. Also... I bet you aren't drinking enough fluids if your body is only producing ~20 ounces of urine for 15 hours. Drink up! Water... juice... tea... avoid sodas as they dehydrate you more. You'll feel all the better when you are properly hydrated.

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    Darkfin: This has been a routine for so long it just sourta happened

    And, it was a lot of fluid heh.

    I've also took it for a test drive and I've been in it for 3 hours. And not just walking, screwin around on monkey bars at playgrounds and such.

    First 30 minutes was hell on the insides of my thighs, but after the diaper softened it got more comfortable. I also wet a few times, and it was light, but I feel slight moisture on the insides of my legs.

    Anyway, off I got back outside.

    Edit: Aww, nuts. Plan got canceled prematurely, so back inside I am.

    Also, on reading your post again, I noticed the thing about the soda and chuckled, since I'm sure a lot of people have seen my desk on the old site.
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    Hmmm, well from what you descibed they sound pretty decent, but not worth the money they charge I do not think. I mean when I looked at them on XP I think it said you only get about 34-36 in a case, sounds pretty ridiculous, whether they are good or not.

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    True, it is pricey. It seems the prices scale with the more "Improvements" they make, even the 24/7 diaper ((Can't remember its name)) is basically the same price for the same number of diapers per bag.

    Regardless, I'm glad I at least bit the bullet and gave them a try, and for the most part I was satisfied, but just not enough to buy another bag, I think I'll just go with other diapers next time.

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