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    How does one make a good permanent cloth diaper?

    I decided to try out cloth diapers last night and folded one using 1 towel as a prefold, with another towel folded in quarters as the soaker pad, and I placed a fleece liner over that. I then made a throw away pair of plastic pants using a garbage bag.

    The result was an awesomely thick diaper that held a ridiculous amount of large wettings (6 or so). The fleece liner did a better job of keeping me dry than the adult diapers I have tried, and was VERY comfortable. I wore it the entire night with absolutely no leaks, which floored me.

    I want to make something like the hubpages how to make a cloth diaper thing. (Can't post links?)

    Is there anything else I should know? With a sewing machine, how long should this take? And what can I do about plastic pants? I would rather not be stuck using a garbage bag.

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    Thanks, the sew your own diapers link has some good resources. I will report back with a finished product

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    print pattern - you need to make it bigger because it's baby size.
    Home of the Free RRP Diaper pattern!: Rita's Rump Cover

    good ideas on how to put it together
    Dianna's Journal - How to Sew a Fitted Cloth diaper (on the cheap!)

    add leak guards
    Jan Andrea at home on the web

    diaper cover
    Chloe Toes Boutique
    Pattern -

    make from underwear
    diy cloth trainers slideshow by Hunterhope - Photobucket

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    ya know i just had a cool idea. i just got some new MMA shorts that look like boxer shorts but have a croch in it like swim trunks. how coold would it be to make the croch part a cloth diaper?! with more padding in the middle so it don't pooch out in the front or back so much. maybe with like shower curtin as the outside layer to keep it all in the cloth and to make it push down to the middle and not leak up high? maybe add in the leak guard idea from the link above

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