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Thread: Adult-isch question not sure if this should be put here

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    Default Adult-isch question not sure if this should be put here

    I apologize if this should be in the adult section, but it is diaper related.

    I am currently wearing medium adult diapers of the local market. (I don't know the name out of my head)

    Anyway when I have an erection (and this is where the adult-isch part comes in) the head comes above the diaper but otherwise the diaper fits me. I'm not a thick/fat person and large is a bit big for me. Does this mean my diaper still fits me or should I take the large anyway?

    Obviously if I have an erection I'm very careful to pee and usually wait to let it pass. (i only own a bit of cleaning supplies and the diapers themselves) I don't own any special clothing) it doesn't make much difference in the price.

    I want to know if anyone else has this problem, or if I'm simply using the wrong size

    (if this is too adult-isch please delete or move the topic. It isn't really THAT adult but fairly mature I think. Or maybe I'm too careful. Oh well.)

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    make sure that your penis is tucked down when you put in your diaper. An added bonus is that it also absorbs better from flooding if you let a lot out at once.

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    My method is to wait while you're sitting (or standing) and about to pull up the front. A little patience and some unappealing sexual thoughts can work marvels at giving you enough time to get the diaper properly on.

    Pointing/tucking it downwards is the most comfortable / best use of the diaper IMO, your mileage may vary. However, going back to your question, I've encountered the same thing but so long as I'm pointed downwards, I have plenty of room. So I would say you're fine as is unless you particularly want your penis pointed up when you pad up.

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    I have to echo Xarenir here. When you diaper yourself up, make sure you're tucked down and back. The absorbancy is increased and it makes getting an erection difficult so that it passes quickly. The trick is trying not to be aroused whilst putting one on. With some practice, you can do it quickly before you fully engorge.

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    wel yes, but doesn't it go back up after a while? I diaper myself at night (i don't wet at night just for comfort) but back to what I was saying, it points downward when I go to bed but by the next day it points upwards. Among the reasons is because I got to pee. and it will not go away until I answer nature call..; which brings us back to my original problem? Am I using a size too small?

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    The problem is your penis. It's just too big for the diaper! You want to match your hip size and what not, not your penis size, so to speak. It sounds like you just need to let it go away and be careful.

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    Yes well...

    The size of my Penis is definitely something I will not spread around.

    Unfortunately there are only three sizes, and last time I checked large is too big for me I thought. (been a long time since I took those so I could be wrong)

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Maybe I should simply try large and see what happens?

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    i myself have this problem from time to time but mine is caused from nerve damage and 12 back and 4 neck operations. sometime i get a pinched nerve and it will get big for a good while and you can't bend it down when it is like that. so my caregiver figured out how to fix this problem. she bought diaper doublers and she takes one and puts it into my diaper then folds it over the head, so when this happens the pad slides up as well and when you pee it will go into the pad and run down into your diaper. this works very well for me. hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdark View Post
    Yes well...

    The size of my Penis is definitely something I will not spread around.
    If I'm understanding the situation've got a big penis...and this is a problem how? Consider yourself a lucky guy! Seriously though, if you're that big, just get the larger diapers, scrunch the tapes up tight enough to fit and use smaller diapers as stuffers if you need to.

    Good Luck and congratulations on winning the size lotto!


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