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Thread: My Slip Maxi Review

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    Thumbs up My Slip Maxi Review

    I'm going to copy Loopy's great formatting since I feel it's great for reviewing without being conspicuous.

    Slip Maxi (M)

    Smell: I like to smell my diapers when I first open them, just like with video games. I reallly don't know what's so intoxicating about smelling the smell of mass produced goods but just like a lot of other people, I do it too . The Slip Maxi's have a pleasant smell of plastic and what i'd imagine is the cloth insides. My sense of smell isn't as sharp as it used to be but it is a welcome change from Tranquility ATN's very chemical/institution smell.

    Look and Feel: As I slid out my first Slip Maxi, I recalled a thread or two talking about how it has a styrofoamy feel or something. I have absolutely no idea what they were on about as these feel like normal plastic. Perhaps they were talking about the ones that use cloth backing. The Slip Maxi plastic is very nice and pleasant feeling. It feels soft like ABU's Cushies but feels thick enough so that I'm not exactly worried about wetness leaking directly through it.

    The top of the diaper has a landing plastic tape landing zone with purple squares for tape placement and with some styled purple dotted design that isn't gaudy or ugly looking that goes along the middle of the diaper. It's not exactly appealing either but it is not what i'd call "Aesthetically Compromised" XD

    When opening up the diaper, I noticed that it does not lay flat which excited me greatly! A lot of adult diapers you can fold completely flat. These kinda round off and stick up a little bit meaning that they are anatomically designed! Excellent!

    Sound: The landing zone crinkles lightly, not loudly. These diapers are quiet but still need boxers or underwear to deafen/silence the plastic crinkling for a stealthy wear.

    Comfort and Fit: My size is bigger than a small but not a full medium. Most mediums I wear I have to double tape or tape a little differently. These Slip Maxis fit a little loose but fit much better than average diapers. I usually run a finger underneath my diaper after I tape it on to get an idea of how well the leak guards are making contact with my skin. The Slip Maxis may run a little loose like a comfortable piece of clothing but I find that the leak guards don't make as great contact as i'd like but I think they do a good job. The diaper is soft but less soft than say a Bambino but because the fit is so good, I'd say overall these diapers feel better worn and i'd imagine these wouldn't be so cumbersome for wear during daily activities.

    Performance: These diapers aren't the thickest diapers and I feel that Bambinos hold that crown...

    ... but these diapers will not disappoint. Flooding, short bursts, dribble, these things take them with ease. Rather than be stupidly absorbent via thickness like a brute, these diapers are probably smart diapers. Wetness disperses through the diaper evenly and quickly which allow it to be a thinner diaper while still having a pretty competitive capacity. With enough wettings these things swell pretty big but again, still under that of a Bambino.

    Value: I got a case of 63 for about $75-77 USD, shipped, to the U.S. The cost of these diapers are about $10 more than a Bambino but you also get more (about 10-20) more diapers per case. These are pricey when shipping is a considering factor.

    Conclusion: Though I am hard pressed between admitting which is the better of the two diapers, the ABDL Benchmark diaper, Bambino or this Slip Maxi.

    Honestly i've been primarily wearing Bambinos at least once a day. I began searching for a new diaper that I could realistically buy without sacrificing Performance, Aesthetic, and Quantity and I may have to seriously consider buying these on a more frequent basis. I have absolutely fallen in love! Because these diapers are so thin when dry, I confidently went out to a quick night shopping run without checking myself in the mirror 20x times to see how obvious it is. These diapers are easily concealable and don't make you waddle when you walk because of how thin they are, without sacrificing absorbency/protection. Furthermore, because of the anatomical design, these diapers will not wear you down while going on about your daily activities.

    Being that these diapers are designed by professionals who aren't catering to Adult Babies, they implemented very good design choices that have absolutely won me over. I feel these diapers are extraordinary for those who are incontinent, bedwetters, or just active AB/DL's.

    You Europeans have got an absolutely brilliant and stellar diaper and I'll speak for all of us when I say that you guys on the other side of the pond are absolutely lucky to have such a great product available to you! *jealous* Perhaps I need to check out Molicare!


    European Diapers I've tried so far:

    Abena Abri-Form X-Plus (S)
    TXXX Slip Maxi (M) - I have not included the manufacturer name because it may lead to a search of this review!
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    If only they sold those here, I would definetlely be buying them.....

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    Sweet review! :D
    From what I've read they seem very nice.

    Might be worth adding the review to the Diaper Reviews section on the Wiki.

    Here's a link to it:

    As I don't have 5 posts (meaning I can't post direct links) as of yet you'll need to copy-paste the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracosWing View Post
    Wow, this was a seriously awesome review!
    Agress whit you.

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    Great review. I don't know if this is still true, as I've heard that the design may have changed a bit in the past year, but from my experience, the slip maxi *feels* a lot thicker than it actually is. Side-by-side comparisons don't really do this diaper justice. They must have put the padding in just the right places, because to me, they feel just as thick as any of the other premium brands.

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    If you don't mind me asking where did you buy from that shipped to the US thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtfrotin2004 View Post
    If you don't mind me asking where did you buy from that shipped to the US thank you
    I'm guessing I got them from the same eBay seller as JonBB (I tried to confirm via PM with him, but he never responded). I paid about the same, and got mine today.

    The eBay seller (at least that I ordered from) is OneClickPharmacy, and their TSMaxi auction can be found using the proper search terms. That said, while I got my order, I really can't recommend them..

    When I ordered, their eBay account had a 97% rating with a few hundred feedback. I placed my order, paid via Paypal, and received an email the next day asking for an additional 5 (about $8) for shipping charges due to the size of the package. Understandable, but it should've been stated in the auction, and asking for more money outside of eBay is a big no-no. Knowing that eBay would guarantee the original amount, and $8 wasn't a big deal, I Paypal'd the additional funds.

    A couple days later eBay sent me an email saying that they removed the listing (it was a BIN with multiple quantities available) and subsequently suspended OneClickPharmacy's account:

    In the two weeks following, OneClickPharmacy created multiple other eBay accounts (I have "tena maxi" set up for email alerts, so every time they reposted their ad, I'd get notification), all of which were suspended as well.

    Obviously worried, I contacted OneClickPharmacy via email, asked why their account was suspended, and where my order was. It took them several days to respond, and all I got was a generic notification stating my order was shipped. This was now 14 days after I'd paid for the case of Tenas. I sent them another email immediately with more detail, asking for a tracking number, why it took 14 days to fulfill my order, and why their eBay account(s) had been suspended. I promptly received an email the next day stating that "their order system was backlogged, and their eBay account was (get this...) down for maintenance and would be back up in a few days". Total baloney on the latter part, as eBay had suspended their accounts for suspicion of fraud.

    Fast forward to today... I got one pack of Tena Slip Maxis. I was supposed to get three. No packing slip, nothing. I clearly stated in the eBay checkout, Paypal checkout, AND sent them an email after the fact stating that they need to write "please leave by rear door marked 1R" (so my neighbors don't steal my diapers) on the package, and they didn't.

    OneClickPharmacy currently has another ad (under yet another eBay account) for the same diapers here:

    Tena Slip Maxi - Medium TRIPLE PACK (Bulk offer) - eBay (item 320536401882 end time Jun-20-10 05:10:05 PDT)

    But I'd strongly caution anyone from ordering from them. Like I said, I've only received 1/3 of what I paid for, and they have had multiple eBay accounts suspended, and have lied to me via email. I also never got a tracking number regardless of the fact that there was one printed on the shipping label.

    I'm hoping Jon can jump in with his comments on the seller if he got them from the same place I did.

    Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland sells the same diapers at a similar cost, but with considerably higher shipping. I've ordered from them several times, and while they are more expensive, they have excellent customer service. I know Peachy has patronized them as well, and I believe he experienced good service as well.

    Now on to the fun part...

    As Jon said, the plastic backing is very similar to the ABU Cushies diapers... Soft, relatively quiet, and the tapes are very sticky, yet refastenable. Sizing is AWESOME for those of us that normally fall between a small and medium Bambino or Abena... The medium Tena Maxi is a perfect fit. The cut of the diaper is also VERY different from a Bambino or Abena; The side "wings" are slimmer, yet the rise of the diaper is taller, so it tends to ride on the hips instead of hugging them, keeping them from falling down. I wore one to work today and I never once had to adjust and yank the diaper back up... Something I've had to do with all other diapers.

    Absorbency is... Good. The diapers are about as thick as an Abena Super or halfway in between a Secure Plus and X-Plus (or about 2/3 a Bambino). The one I wore today took two minor wettings at work, and two beer-induced wettings at home, and only the last started to leak a bit, and only when the entire diaper was completely saturated. Very impressed.

    I'd ordered these years ago from Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland, and these are definitely not the same diapers. I'm sure they've been redesigned sometime along the way. That said, while they are thinner than the originals, they are an excellent fitting diaper and can hold up to a decent amount of abuse.

    Definitely a good buy if you can find some for a reasonable price shipped to the US, or if you're in the Old World and can get them from a local retailer.

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    I've also only received 1/3rd of my order. If I don't receive the other parts this week, i'm filing a claim against them on eBay/Paypal. And yes, exact same seller. I've actually known about this seller from a few months ago, I also got the email notification. I've been planning to buy them for quite a while... Sadly I might get stiffed!

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