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Thread: I Think I'm Becoming Less of a DL But don't know why

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    Default I Think I'm Becoming Less of a DL But don't know why

    I've been AB for as long as I can remember and it was always comforting/relaxing/stress relieving to me but when I was about 12-13 it started to become very sexual also. So for the past 6 years or so it was a combination. But in the past few months I've noticed it's become increasingly LESS sexual for me though it is still relieves stress. I think I becoming less of a DL but am still and AB. Anyone else experienced this?

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    It's because your desires for diapers ebb and flow rather than remain static. Basically your desire for them will change on a regular basis and at the moment you don't feel aroused by them, maybe because you are in a relationship or something. In the future however you will be aroused by them again as they return.

    And I think all members experience this at some time or another, it is VERY common so don't worry you aren't alone on this.

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    It's called the binge purge cycle, and everyone has it. Like Pajamakitten said, it changes. When you're binging, you really want diapers and it's always on your mind. During your purge cycle, you don't desire them nearly as much, and sometimes not at all. For some people this can be very extreme to where they will buy a tun of stuff and then throw it all out, but for must it's just a period of lost interest. The time also varies. My cycle usually has a few weeks of binging and then a few months of purging. It's really up to the individual, but the desires always, and I mean ALWAYS, come back.

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    Yeah, it's totally normal. It happens to me too with my kinks. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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    Two things come to mind:

    1. As mentioned above, sexual desires ebb and flow, and the degree to which such happens varies person to person.

    2. You will never be as hormone-laden as you were as a younger teenager. Your overall desire should be expected to fade somewhat as you age.

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    I agree with it being a bin-purge kind of thing.. I will let myself run out of diapers and go a few months without, then I just have to have them again..will even pay for expedited shipping to get them overnight sometimes!!

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