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    I have never been much of a DL. Most of what I like about diapers that isn't from AB is from the sensory feeling of them. What sexual feelings I do have about them tie in strongly with my interest in BDSM.

    However... I find that when I am padded, other stuff that does turn me on, turns me on more. Stuff which gets me horny, gets me hornier when wearing a diaper - even though the diaper itself isn't what turns me on. It's like a sexual catalyst, making the sexual reaction to something I find hot faster and more powerful.

    For an (extreme) example - something has made me feel mentally horny without a physical reaction. I felt like getting padded so I did - still no sexual reaction. I go back to this thing before that I found mentally exciting and almost immediately I've got an erection.

    Can anyone think of a reason that this would happen? Do any of you have something that, while it itself isn't sexual for you, it makes other things you do find sexual more so? Or am I the only one who has experienced this..?

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    I think your mind is looking for a new experience, like you I'm into bondage and being into diapers is just a small part of my excitement.

    I get bored with the same old, I need something new to get me going.

    I have been at this for a very long time (Self Bondage), it does get difficult coming up with new ideas.

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    I agree with your theory. I notice myself generating additional excitement towards things i usually do not notice about people or situations.

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    I guess this would be explained as simple as the math adding. If you add two turn on's together at once, it will create a faster, stronger, and bigger reaction.

    For example....if I am just simply making out with a girl I am very minorly turned on. If I start feeling her up while I am doing it, then I am pretty turned on now. If I notice she has a diaper or wet herself while I am feeling her up (a coincidence like that only in my dreams haha!), then I am going to be sprung like a spring with my emotions going crazy estatic! So I guess its more of a multiplier affect than adding.

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    *emphasis* I'm not turned on by diapers on their own. They aren't really a sexual thing for me. So it's not adding two turn ons together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzycub View Post
    *emphasis* I'm not turned on by diapers on their own. They aren't really a sexual thing for me. So it's not adding two turn ons together.
    True, well in that case then I guess the diapers are heightning all your senses, there for making sexual arrousal more responive. Make sense?

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