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    Default *crawls in*

    Hihi! I'm a border collie pup. I'm lookin for a place more excepting of a babyfur.

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    We are "accepting", not excepting.

    What do you mean by "more"? That implies there are other places that aren't as tolerant. What other hobbies are you interested in? Ever flown across the Atlantic? [random question that makes no sense]?

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    I'm a resident on Furnation, but not everone there is very tolerant of babyfurs. So I can really be a babyfur there all the time. I am lookin for a place that have others that will treat me like the little pup I am and not ignore me.

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    Well hello there Lilmal!

    You've probably had a look around the forums by now, and you'll realise (also from the name!) that we're a community here. That means we like to get to know each other outside of their diaper/fur interests. So... why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    This is your first chance to make an impression on us, so tell us something cool about you. Maybe you'll make some good friends through it!

    Welcome to the Disc!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site! Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of Furdom that you would like to share with us?

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    Well I know a lot about computer and can take them apart and put the back together in less then a half hour. I really like sword! I like getting old beat up sword and cleaning and sharpening them back up. I love to draw, and paint and other artsy type stuff like that. I'm almost always on Second Life. OH! And I love cooking!

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    Any recipes that you would like to share? I would just ask that for my intro responses sometimes.

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    I haven't really made any of my own recipes yet. Still testing out of few things ^_^

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    Welcome to our community ADISC!

    That is interesting your into sword repair (if that is the correct term), never heard of any one into that on here before. But good to know if I have a old rusty sword and need to chop up a dead body! Just kidding! :laughing:

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