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Thread: What Kind is this?

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    Default What Kind is this?

    I scored like 96 brand new in package Small Diapers from Craigslist FREE!!!!! but don't know what kind they are. I was wondering if anyone might know what they were. They are peach-orangeish colored and the lining is white and blue in the middle and has two tapes on each side of the diaper and on the diaper tapes it says wings. not sure what brand or if anyone has tried them before.

    Anyway lemme know if anyone has an idea.

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    The brand name is Wings.

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    I don't know, someone asked this same question like four days ago. I can't order online.

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    If you've got a camera it might help if you post a picture of the diapers.

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    Kendall Wings, made by Tyco Healthcare. The diaper equivalent to "guvmint cheese". Chances are whomever is hocking them on CL is on SSI disability, and our tax dollars are paying for them.

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