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Thread: better than goodnites

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    Default better than goodnites

    lets me just be quick about this.

    in your opinion, is there a pull up that is better than the goodnite that you like. or do you like some pull up better. and what is it. i was wondering because i dont really like to sleep in diaper every time.


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    If money is not an issue, then yes, abena pull ups are the best. They are just as absorbant as about an abena extra. Which is like 4 times a goodnite!

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    I really like the Overnight Pull-Ups with the Princess designs on them. I absolutely love 'em!

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    thanks. i will try the abenas.

    anyone else have any thoughts? what ever.

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    Are Bambinos a viable option. I have no actual experience outside of the diapers outside of what you find in a regular supermarket but I can tell you that the better the quality the better the experience.

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    All the CVS I have seen in my area have Tena Pull-Ups. I bought them once, and as far as pullups go, they are very absorbent and very comfy. Much better than goodnites, but they obviously don't have the cute designs.

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