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Thread: what type of furry am i

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    Post what type of furry am i

    i have adhd i am out going and i like to swim bike read

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    I'm no furry but I think that what type of furry you are is up to you. If you want to make your fursona have the qualities you described, you can do that.

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    It's up to you. I'm a generic wolf, but that's just because wolves just appeal to me.

    <sing>Listen to your heeeaarrtttt </sing>

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    Simply, you're not one.

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    honestly it is an animal you have some sort of connection with, or at least in my opinion. Most furries (again opinion) seem to have some connection to the animal their fursona is. For example, while not much of a furry, I would probably be a panther, or jaguar as those are two animals I just really like.

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    When you're just looking to jump on the bandwagon with no regard, respect, or seemingly basic knowledge for the fandom, you look like an ass. Want to get interested in furry fandom, hey that's great. But take the effort for fuck sakes.

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