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    Hello, people of ADISC. It is I, Ian the Fox. Please forgive my introduction, as I am truly not the best introduction writer.

    As my name suggests, I am a Furry, but not a babyfur in any way. I am mostly a DL (which makes me a Diaperfur I guess).

    I am also a guitarist, and I play metal. I have a Youtube channel where I do guitar covers songs, but I am not going to post the name of it here with the risk of people searching it and getting linked here.

    Like most forums I've signed up to, I have lurked the site for a while to see how things work around here. I know what and what not to post, so I won't be making myself sound like an idiot (unless, of course, this intro has already made me sound like one).

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    Welcome to ADISC pleasure to meet you! I hope you make lots of friends here.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I am glad that there is an ever increasing population of foxes here at ADISC, and hope that you enjoy your time here! What are your best influences in your guitar career; knowing that I am a one sided hip hop/R&B listener (listening to Eminem's Superman as I write) and probably don't associate with any of the answers that you come up with for that question!

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    ^I take influence from many guitarists, but the ones that stand out are Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Kirk Hammet (Metallica) Mark Morton & Willie Alder (Lamb of God), Jari Maenpaa (Wintersun, my current favorite band) and Steve Vai.

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    Right I am, don't know any of them. The closest thing I have to great guitarist is Prince, who I am listening to right now.

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