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Thread: Another member in Australia

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    Default Another member in Australia

    Hello.. it was suggested that I take a browse here and join up by another friend of mine some while ago. I am based in Brisbane - one of the Northern suburbs called Brendale in Eastern Australia. I have looked around some of the forums here and find it a refreshing change to some of the other AB/DL sites that I have pursued over the past months. There is a sense of caring, honesty, openness, friendship and normally non judgmental posts concerning the interest of AB/DL/TB etc. which is great to see and a refreshing change to many other sites where the seedier sides of this interest are very obvious.
    With regard to support from one member to another, I think this is probably a role in which I could be here. I have an extremely open mind and accepting mind and happy to try stuff once and more if I like it probably more than many people realize but would prefer not to share here. I am worldly wise, lived in the UK most of my life and seen allot of life in my career. I am now living in Australia and run a reputable mail order company which as well as many other items retails a range of incontinence items including bed wetting alarms, Adult and Children's plastic pants, disposable and Terry Nappies. I do not want to make this seem as I am here to advertise or hard sell, but you will see that I am here to support others who may require some of these items. Through our own clients and dealing with other professionals I have gained quite a bit of experience regarding these items and am happy to offer advice and assist if called to do so.

    So I look forward to being an active and friendly member here, and look forward to corresponding with members.
    All the best.
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    Welcome to our community ADISC Derek!

    You are right about how different this ab/dl community is compared to the others. This is what has brought me back after leaving for almost a year. I just simply missed the interaction and support from others similar me.

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    Thanks for the welcome Eclipse, seems a very popular site in the US, shame not a few more in Australia! .. I will work on that....

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    Welcome to ADISC! I do hope you enjoy it here on this site like Eclipse has on his return. I myself am from Gringoland (America) but there are a lot of Aussies here as well as a lot from the UK and Canadialand (Canada). So do you have any hobbies or interests outside of diapers that you would like to share with us?

    Quote Originally Posted by PhysioSuppliesAust View Post
    I do not want to make this seem as I am here to advertise or hard sell, but you will see that I am here to support others who may require some of these items.
    Support and recommendations are always good, but physically advertising on this site is against the rules. Just a bit of advice.

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    Default Thanks again for the welcome

    Thanks again for the welcome... I really dont mind who or where I talk to, but it would be good to get to know some local people.
    Thanks for the advice about the advertising, I am aware of this and dont want to upset Moo or anyone else!
    As for interests, I am a Padi Divemaster, I have recently tried Kite Surfing, I enjoy gardening, and sadly dont have much time to do anything as my work keeps me busy - thankfully.

    I do have some useful links which I will add later and be careful not to duplicate etc and add to a few topics that I have caught my eye in due course when I have the time!

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    Welcome to the site Physio. I appreciate you're being upfront about your business and being honest. Good for you. I think being on this site will be good for you considering the business you are in. It will give you a lot of insight as to who we are and what makes us tick.

    I'm glad to see you back Eclipse. I have thought about you on a number of occasions. I hope all is well.

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    Hey, Welcome To Adisc!

    If Its Australian members your after, join My group! it's my signatures under this post.

    the group is called Aussies unite! think of it as a Hub for australians on this site

    Welcome To The Forums!


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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'm glad to see you back Eclipse. I have thought about you on a number of occasions. I hope all is well.
    Aww! I was just about to go to be and I was like just a couple more threads! Glad I did! Makes me feel missed! Thanks for the welcome back! I am glad to see your still here! Things are going okay with me, considering I have a steady job despite it not be paying so great, and a good nice reliable care, a nice roof over my head, and just recently a new computer. So really I can't complain, I am just still in search for that perfect girl for me. I was with someone during my time away, did not work out unfortauntly, despite her being really sweet girl, she was just too messed up for me to handle. No job, paying child support on one, soon two kids (not mine! kids she had before me! lol), and she was bulimic on top of all that. I tried to help her out, but she was too set in her ways, and in such a deep hole I could not dig her out by myself. Oh well, at least I tried. I just feel like I can never find a good girl with her head on straight, at least not one who is interested in me. I always have the worse luck with girls. I think things are going great, then bang things get crazy, I find out things I did not know before! I am just trying to stay positive and move on now.

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    Hey, Welcome to ADISC! Its great to see another Aussie here. Haha you live very close-by to me, I'm on the Gold Coast.

    Hope you have a great time

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