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Thread: Firefox addons

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    Default Firefox addons

    Anyone here have any Firefox addons they think are very helpful?

    Here are 5 that people have mentioned:

    1. Adblock Plus - with a (free, no registration required) subscription to 'Easylist', this removes pretty much all ads from the web, resulting in far faster page load times and a much better web experience. Note though that many sites depend on ads for the income they need to stay alive, so if you use this, consider donating to the sites whose ads you are blocking.
    2. Ghostery - this (with some configuration) will eliminate the web bugs that sites use to track your browsing activity for marketing and analytics purposes. Removing marketing-related tracking may improve your privacy, and removing all tracking bugs can speed up page load times considerably.
    3. Tab Mix Plus - this really helps when you need to manage over 20 tabs at once. For example, it lets you easily reopen closed tabs, it can make new tabs open next to the tab they're opened from, etc.
    4. Startup Master - this prevents you being bombarded by password prompts when Firefox starts up, and your tabs are all set to pages which require login.
    5. Firebug - a web developer tool that is extremely helpful for diagnosing problems with a website.

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    noscript - Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks. (quoted from the addon page)

    iETab Plus , also formerly known as Coral iETab - enables you to run an internet exposure session, within a firefox tab, which can be pretty useful for defective websites, also : the plus one has the availability of adblockplus and more fun things, that lack in your average iesession

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    Tamper Data Oh, so I herd u liek legitimate hax?

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    Flagfox displays the country where the web server you are visiting is located. Also gives you more info, such as the website's IP address and the precise location of where the server if physically located.

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    too lazy to link right now but the ones i have I tend to like:

    FlagFox (someone already described it)
    NoScript (also been described)
    FoxClocks: You can see what time it is basically anywhere in the world. Right now I have mine set up to see what time it is in US Eastern, UK, Queensland, and GMT/UTC.
    Fission: Not really something that is needed, but I like having a progress bar in the address bar
    ShowIP: Also not a need need, but it is useful at times to be able to see (and WHOIS) the IP of the site you are on.
    TabRenamizer: Because I'm not really on ADISC, I'm looking something up on Wikipedia >_>
    WOT: Not the best method as it can be abused but still pretty solid for seeing the reputation of websites and helps to avoid landing in a "bad place" (the rating also show up on most links iirc)
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    Undo Closed Tabs Button - puts a convenient button on the tab bar for reopening closed tabs. This has saved me a ton of frustration.
    Download Statusbar - replaces the separate pop-up download window with a much less annoying status bar on the bottom of the browser window.

    I'll also thrown in my support for AdBlock Plus and NoScript.

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    I'm using Chrome now, after Firefox pulled its "I refuse to install any more extensions evar" stunt for about the fiftieth time and I gave up with it. That bug's existed since version 1; why hasn't it yet been fixed?!

    Anyway, back when I did use Firefox, I used these extensions:
    • Adblock Plus - Already mentioned.
    • Firebug - Already mentioned. A MUST for Web developers. Chrome has the same functionality out of the box.
    • Firecookie - Adds cookie support to Firebug.
    • Fireshot - Can take screenshots of entire web pages (including parts of the page that are below the "fold" - i.e. that you'd have to scroll to see). Very useful if you ever need to screenshot a web page. The free version works fine for most purposes.
    • Flashblock - Why has no one mentioned this yet? Replaces Flash movies with a placeholder which then loads the movie when you click it. Nowadays this gets rid of 90% of all advertising, too, since most ads are now flash. Incredibly useful, given the crap that Flash is used for.
    • Foxmarks (now X-Marks) - Synchronises bookmarks (and passwords, optionally) between Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari on multiple computers.
    • Glasser - Makes Firefox fit into Windows Vista and Windows 7 better by making the top menu bar "glass".
    • HTML Validator - Good for Web developers who care about their sites being valid (X)HTML; places an icon in the status bar which indicates the validity of the current page.
    • RefControl - Controls the "Referer header" that is passed to web sites when you visit them, indicating which web page you clicked a link on to get to them. Website owners love other people using the Referer header, as it lets them see, amongst other things, what search terms were used to find their site (e.g. seeing a Referer of "" means that their site was found via a Google search for 'diapers' - not necessarily something that you want to reveal to the site owner!), but, personally, I prefer to kill the Referer header for most sites in order to keep my privacy. This extension lets you disable the header for all sites unless otherwise whitelisted (which is required on some sites, e.g. ATI's download site, which must get a Referer header of their own site, or the download links HTTP 403 on you).
    • Web Developer Toolbar - Lots of fun toys for Web developers to play with.
    • Gesso - Only useful for tablet PC owners; makes the "tablet input panel" icon appear in form fields and the address/search boxes so that you can easily call up the on-screen keyboard/handwriting recognition box using a pen.
    • Grab and Drag - Again, only of much use to tablet PC owners; allows you to scroll pages by dragging them, like you would in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Safari on iPhone OS, and like Internet Explorer 8 allows you to do on Windows 7 if you have a touchscreen and use a finger on it (as opposed to a pen, which will just select text - a pen is much more easily able to access the scrollbar than a finger).

    Now that I'm using Chrome, most of the required functionality (except RefControl - that one I really miss...) is already built-in, but I still use these extensions:
    • AdBlock+ - Obvious.
    • FlashBlock - Same as the Firefox one.
    • Google Latitude - Provides a drop-down mini-window from the toolbar which displays my Latitude friends' locations.
    • Google Reader Notifier - Gives me a Google Reader button on my toolbar which indicates the number of unread items, and opens Reader when clicked.


    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Undo Closed Tabs Button - puts a convenient button on the tab bar for reopening closed tabs. This has saved me a ton of frustration.
    Since I'm a keyboard-shortcut-whore, and use Ctrl+T to open a new tab all the time, I just use(d) Ctrl+Shift+T to re-open a closed tab. Much easier than finding a tiny little button with a mouse, when Ctrl+Shift+T can be accessed with just my left hand, which is almost certainly already resting on the keyboard!

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    Adblock: Already mentioned.
    Firebug: Already mentioned. But if you do have it, make sure it's off by default for moat sites. You'll be surprising how much of a slowdown it causes otherwise.
    Download Statusbar: Already mentioned.
    Greasemonkey: Allows for the installation of many small site specific JavaScript addons from . Chrome and Opera have some of this functionality built in, but they're still not 100% compatible with some larger Greasemoneky scripts.

    I used to have loads more, but after Firefox started taking near 5 minutes to boot, I cut down considerably.

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    Tree-style Tabs - Useful, and saves a lot of room at the top by sacrificing it for a really handy space at the left. It's different - really, it's up to you to decide whether or not it's useful or annoying. I think it's the former!

    DownThemAll - Speeds up downloads!

    FoxyTunes - Use it to manage volume and skip/pause/play tracks from the music player you're using. Kind of pointless if you have this on your keyboard, but I don't! It also shows the name of the song and the artist.

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    I've got:

    Firebug (very cool and helpful)
    Web Developers (awesome toolbar and menus - use them all the time)
    Google toolbar (makes a few things easier - don't use it too often though)
    Java console (forgot why I got this)
    Screengrabber (just easy to have and use)

    Oh, and I don't know how it happened, but I already have the ability to reopen closed tabs. All I do is right-click in the tab bar area, and "Undo Closed Tab" is an option. For same-site tab openings, it will also automatically open them next to the tab I'm in when I open them, as opposed to placing it on the far end. People keep saying this is an add-on, but I don't have any add-on for that. Perhaps it came as a bonus feature with one of my other add-ons. Either that, or it's just a part of the newer Firefox browser already...

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