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    Welcome to ADISC! Love it that you took the time to do your intro rather than rush through it! Hope you enjoy your time here on the site! Also know we do have a collective here where users post their short stories and such so if you are interested someday in putting some of your writing here...

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    Welcome Seanboy to our community ADISC!

    Pretty interesting introduction, I must say. Although sorry about to hear about your accident. I hope you got workers comp! Cause dang those medical bills would be outrageous!!!

    You do seem pretty mature, and like you have expeiranced some things as well. I look forward to seeing your posts around the forum!

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    Guidelines here are that they have to be suitable for a PG audience! If you're in anydoubt then post it in the requests forum first and ask if it's ok.

    Welcome to the forums, great intro!

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    I look forward to discussions with you. I am new also and am looking forward to interaction with people like me.

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