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    Default Caught

    This has probably been asked before, but has anyone ever been caught, and if they have please tell how it happened.

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    Close Calls

    I have never been caught but here is a list of people's close calls!

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    I have. My ma was a lot more pissed when she caught me smoking cigarettes than when she inadvertently discovered my stash.

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    To my knowledge I have never been caught, I'm like a ninja.

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    Several times, I'm pretty sure my mom knows im still into this but i don't live at home so it doesn't matter anymore.

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    I was caught when I was in college. My mom sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential institution. After a couple of sessions, I talked her out of going.

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    I've been kinda caught today. I ordered some Tena Slip Maxi's from a UK pharmacy and on the Customs Declaration sticker, the description for what the item is was written as "TENA". My family being nurses and all should know what this refers to sadly as they got the mail and probably saw that written down. I'm kinda freaking out.

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    I keep my stash in a suitcase in my closet... one day I came home to find it moved out of my closet and next to my bed. I kept camera equipment in there AGES ago, and I guess someone thought that I still kep it in there and decided to have a look. No one has saidanything though... I'm a bit rattled at the moment :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by birkir21 View Post
    This has probably been asked before, but has anyone ever been caught, and if they have please tell how it happened.
    Yes. And my parents was not happy a both it.

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    Default when i was 19

    My car was flooded when I was out of town. My dad had it sent to a repair shop and it was broken into at the shop. In the trunk I had my stash of diapers which when I went to see the car were nicely laid in the back seat. So either the repair people or my dad saw them.

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