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Thread: If You Could Only Ever Have One Baby Product, What Would It Be and Why?

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    Default If You Could Only Ever Have One Baby Product, What Would It Be and Why?

    I'd probably say my Nuk 5 pacifier, however I just started wearing diapers and I'm really, really loving them. So that being said, my opinion may change

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    inb4 everyone says diapers

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    I think my username speaks for itself by now - strollers or prams! They just feel so comfy and babyish to sit in, especially the ones with suspension to gently rock back and forth.

    My second choice would be an old school highchair made before the plastic shell era. This is a neat one: Vintage Strolee of Calif High Chair Metal Retro 1940-50 - eBay (item 160435588044 end time May-23-10 20:10:04 PDT)


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    Dunno if I'd say diapers or not...

    Hmm... Maybe pacifiers, maybe just baby clothes.

    Never really thought about it..

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    Ok, my pacis are always around, so nothing more... Nomore discuss, no excuse, is the best relax.

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    Footie pajamas for definite, I've wanted an entire wardrobe full for years and hope someday to fulfill that dream. Or maybe just baby clothes in general.

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    Oh, Diapers for sure. I'm not really into the whole *B scene. Though maybe a sleeper would be comfortable? I dunno.

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