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Thread: Just Started Wearing Diapers, Looking For New Friends

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    Default Just Started Wearing Diapers, Looking For New Friends

    Message me if you'd like to chat! I need some AB friends, since no one in person knows about my secret way of life. When I get 15 posts, I will message you back, but I can't until then =S But no worries, it'll happen soon enough! I'm so glad this community exists, I've always felt like a little girl inside, but didn't know how to identify it. I feel comforted here

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    You should check out the ADISC IRC chat. Before that, tell us a bit about yourself! We'd like to know you a bit more. What are your hobbies? Your passions? What other than diaper's makes you happy?

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    Hey there!

    Welcome to ADISC, its awesome here and im sure you will find alot of friends here, i know i have!

    We all like to know about each other here, its nice to know people interests and hobbies! As 1LB1 pointed out, the IRC Chat is a great place to meet people and get to know each other a bit better then the forums!

    Have fun!

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    Welcome and yeah, check out the IRC. Real easy to make friends there.
    I know I ask everyone this, but what music do you listen to?

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    To get into contact with people here is very easy, just reply on the forum, let other people get to know you. Perhaps even go into IRC. No need for immediate PMs and private conversations over IM etc. Welcome to ADISC. Posting a good introduction is the best place to start.

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