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Thread: New here =/

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    Default New here =/

    Hi guys, my name is Skizz...
    im 17/male

    idk i've always had this urge to wear diapers when i was taken out of them after i turned 3 or kinda ignored it till i turned 12,at that point, i would imagine myself wearing a thick plastic diaper in class and get a major hard on. and then once i had access to the internet...round 2005? i would stay up late and look up pics and read up on the topic.

    Then I learned it was a fetish, and thats why i had the urge to wear em...although im still kind of ashamed of it.
    but lately i've been gettting into it a little more, like this past december, i actully had the guts to walk into a target and buy a pack of goodnites...i suprised myself. it felt so good to have them on. i also told a friend of mine who supported me with it, and she even tried it, i thought it was the coolest thing, she sent me pics and everything. thats what really made me decide to be more open about this whole thing.
    just the feeling between my legs it was amazing..

    i figured i'd join this site, maybe make some friends who have the common intrest

    on a random note

    my hobbies also include Drawing,Guitar,Remixing Music and xbox live

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC Skizz!

    Cool that you already told a friend and bought your first diapers, thats something people often struggle with. Hope this site helps you on your way to accepting yourself more.

    Anyways, what games do you play on Live?

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    Halo 3,CoDWaW (Love me some Nazi Zombies) and Guitar Hero (Metallica,Smash Hits and 3) and GTAIV

    if you'd like to add me, my gamertag is LilSkott92

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    Welcome to ADISC! Unfortunately, I am sure there won't be a member named Richu that will post on this thread, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy your time here on this site. What kind of music do you remix?

    Also go PS3

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    mostly rock on rock, or rap

    heres an exzample

    YouTube - Almost Easy With Me (AvengedSevenfold+AllEnds Mashup)

    Avenged Sevenfold with a band called All Ends

    EDIT: i cant really say anything on the PS3, but i do like God Of War 3!

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    Welcome to our community ADISC! Feel free to post around as much as you'd like!

    I am glad to hear you have decided to be more open with it online, and more accepting of it with yourself. Of course becareful who you tell about this in person, only tell people you trust fully. Thats always a good rule to follow. Although even sometimes some people you trust fully are not the greatest people to tell, depending on the persons personality.

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    yeah, only person i've ever told was a chick who was crazy about me, so it went over pretty well

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