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Thread: What happened to Depends?

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    Default What happened to Depends?

    So I've just moved back to NYC and I am now out of the Abenas that I brought with me. So I went to the nearest Duane Reade to get a crappy pack of Depends Fitted Briefs - my permanent backup - only to discover that they did not care any kind of Fitted Brief! Just belted ones or the gender-specific pull-ups! Uggh!! I went to several local pharmacies and NONE carried Fitted Briefs! Are these no longer being offered in drug stores? Anyone know where I can get any kind of adult diaper brief here in the City? I didn't think it would be this hard! And it will take a little while for any order I place with a credit card, so advice is appreciated!


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    Not sure about up there, but down here Walgreens and CVS both sell Depends briefs though most everywhere else only sells protective underwear.

    Perhaps you could check for medical suppliers, the medical suppliers near the hospital have the best selection around here.

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    There was a period right after the release of their new sex-specific absorbant underwear products where the Fitted Maximum Protections weren't being replaced on the shelves (at least around here). That was maybe six months at most and then places that had dropped them brought them back and they seem as easy to get as they ever were in my area.

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    I had this issue for a while. Walmart always had them and I would get them there at like 2am. Walgreens stopped here for a while haven't been back to check to see if they have them again but I doubt it. CVS still has them though. No other places I know have them other than goodwill occasionally usually for 2 dollars for 20pk . I gotta tell you though I have found some great diapers at thrift stores.

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    I like the briefs for their tight fit, however, the max protection I like most for the plasticy outside. *murrs* But the tapes are a bit crappy. Thank you extra adhesives!

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    Butterfly Mage


    Depends has been going downhill for decades. I also noticed that the diaper-style Depends have all but vanished.

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    It really is so odd how depends are soo bloody rubbishy in America yet over here i am wearing one now (a cloth backed Depend Super Medium) and they are great. Comparable to like a Tena Slip or a Lille Supreme. They are rated at 2600ml i think whereas i read in a medical document the shitty "normal" depends are something like 800ml!!

    . Note the ones i talk about are the ones with 4 tapes which only seem to be sold on the net or in Medical supply stores. If i go into a chemist the best i could find is the horrible 6 tape fitted briefs (maybe the overnight if i'm lucky.) I wrote a detailed thread about them if your interested.

    For some reason they have NEVER sold the briefs in supermarkets here. Can only find them in chemists/pharmacies if you ever wanted them that is...

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    I noticed that too, our local target is not selling them anymore. They all been replaced with the new depends pullups with colors and stuff. I haven't checked walmart yet.

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