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Thread: Strange Situation - Peeing while laying down/sitting

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    Default Strange Situation - Peeing while laying down/sitting

    I have experienced something strange with my temporary un-potty training. By temporary I mean that I don't want to give up/loose control permanently, I want to be able to use diapers to the fullest extent when I'm wearing diapers.

    I can pee standing up and I am able to pee while laying down on both my back and my stomach. The strange thing is I am unable to pee while sitting down.

    I have read many stories of people and the consensus seems to be that most people go from peeing standing up to sitting and then if they are lucky peeing laying down.

    I'm grumbly that I'm unable to pee sitting as it would allow me to wear at work and other places that I sit most of the time and standing would seem strange. I've tried to sit down while peeing and have been unsuccessful in continuing to pee while sitting. The moment I begin to sit I stop.

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    How long have you been into the un-potty training?
    Maybe your body isn't still fully adapted to pee in any given ocassion. Just be patient, it will come with time.
    Also, one thing, try to go while you're sitting on a toilet, and have some water running in the sink.

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    You need to wait until you have no choice. Maybe try drinking a bunch of water and a diuretic like coffee or coca-cola.

    Trust me, when your bladder is full enough you wont be able to NOT pee sitting down!

    Also, maybe try training your bladder by sitting on the toilet and peeing.

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    maybe something along the lines of squatting on the floor (at home) would be like sitting on the toliet but not...otherwise sit and watch tv or something and just 'forget' about it, it will happen

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    If you're male, when you sit, you block the ureter.

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    I would recommend squatting as well.

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    I would suggest waiting until your bladder is very full and sit on the toliet and run warm water over your hand and start peeing in the toliet once you do that well then sit with a diaper on and do the same thing.

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    even being incon it seems i wet less while sitting but you might try leaning back in the chair. if I am sitting up working then lean back to reach for something behind me or just want to sit back and think for a sec i notice it goes more then. also when leaning forward like looking real close at the screen then moving back.

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    I've tried this while in a swimsuit and it's hard for me to do. Seems like the kind of thing that takes practice.

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