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Thread: Not sure of my "adult baby" identity yet. Please read :)

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    Question Not sure of my "adult baby" identity yet. Please read :)

    I just started practicing my adult baby lifestyle, however I've always felt this way inside, but never knew there was actually a practice for it. I'm a 22 year old girl. I've seen lots of identities, such as "sissies" and "LG," but what are the differences between all of the different identities? And what helped you figure yours out? Basically, what I like to do is put on my diaper with a fitted t-shirt that has something cutesy on it, like hello kitty, clip my pacifier on, fill up my baby bottle with chocolate milk and digress while doing things online or watching TV. If I ever say things outloud to myself or to the cat or whatever, it'll be in baby-talk. Since I'm alone, I'll be getting out of the shower and I'll say to myself (or think to myself) "Okay let's get you a nice clean nappy on!" (I'd love to have someone say these things to me and baby me, but my husband doesn't know about it, and I'm not sure what he'd think.) I need help finding my identity. I think babyfurs are adorable, cute little baby foxes with diapers on and stuff.

    The Adult Baby lifestyle is in no way sexual for me. I can't handle stress too well...and when I'm laying on my back on the bed, in my nappy, with my bottle and pacifier all swaddled up in a blanket. I feel SO secure, so comforted and happy. It's what it's all about for me. I enjoy it as a way of life, and it helps me escape the stresses of life by digressing and surrounding myself with security.

    Well that's all...I'm brand new to the practice, but I'm loving every moment of it. I just started wearing diapers, too off-brand GoodNites, I love them. They fit me perfectly.

    To Make A Long Message Short: How did you come across your identity in the adult baby world, and what are the differences in them?

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    I think you mean "regress" not "digress". Digress doesn't fit nearly as well in that sentence.

    You are who you are, anything else is just a label.

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    Hehe you're right, I did mean "regress" whoops x]

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    I feel SO secure, so comforted and happy. It's what it's all about for me. I enjoy it as a way of life, and it helps me escape the stresses of life by digressing and surrounding myself with security.
    This same hapens to me. But Iīve acess denied to regres. Why, itīs other question. And 100% function - means stress_level=0, so may it means to regeres ? Itīs really good question. More opinions of others ?

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    If you like wearing diapers and like acting like a baby/toddler, then that would technically put you in the category of a LG (little girl). Although it all depends on what age you act and would want to be treated. If your regressed age is less than 2, then I would consider that an adult baby. If it is 2 to 4 years old then I would consider that as a Little Girl. Thats pretty much the infantilism standards. But of course everyone's definitions are different.

    As for telling your husband, that can be kind of risky. So be careful, because you all are married it is very important not to freak him out about it. Meaning if you do decide to tell him, which it seems like you want to, then tell him privately, and be honest to him about it. Make sure you explain your feelings well too, or he might get the wrong impression and assume something else. Which is what people typically do who do not know about people like us.

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    Based on your description it sounds like you are just an Adult Baby. You are an adult who likes to do baby things and it's not sexual. For many ABs it is more of an emotional thing than sexual. Albeit there may be some sexual element involved for some people. The Diaper Lover end of the spectrum is typically more related to sexual fetishism and less to emotional needs.

    Quote Originally Posted by PacifierGirl View Post
    To Make A Long Message Short: How did you come across your identity in the adult baby world, and what are the differences in them?
    Well, I've always had "the feeling," the sometimes overwhelming desire to wear diapers and be treated/act as a baby. This feeling stems back as far as I can really remember and I don't think that it ever wasn't there. As a kid, I would often find myself straying into the baby section of department stores when shopping with my mom or looking at baby things in catalogs, advertisements, and commercials. It was with the advent of the Internet and some clever google, dogpile, and askjeeves searches that I found that there were several other like-minded people in the world. Every website that I could find that had a search bar I typed the word diaper into just to satisfy my own curiosity.

    I've also found that there are nearly as many terms to describe the different branches of AB/DL as there are musical subgenres. Therefore, it can be rather overwhelming.

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    I made a (long) blog entry on this topic a few weeks ago. I won't repost it here (way too long), but you can read it here:

    That's also just Part 1. Part 2 (dealing with sexuality) will be up in a few days. I've started on it tonight.

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    I'd say you're an AB, or, at least an 'ageplayer'...I too feel like a young child but not necessarily a baby. I used to do similar things to you, and still do, when my Mama's not around. I assume two 'personas' sometimes, one being little!me (Charlie) and one being big!me (Mama C). Basically, I'm babying myself I guess.

    Thinking babyfur art is cute doesn't mean you ARE a babyfur. I know I'm a babyfur, cos I wanna be treated like a young (anthro) pup! I want to bark-bark and whine and express myself as a puppy would. If I had no interest in that, and instead jus' wanted to act like a baby (i.e. not like an animal) I would be a TB, regardless of how much I liked babyfur art. I mean, I might like looking at pictures of cars...doesn't mean I want to be a car.

    As for how I discovered myself...Iunno, I know I've been a fur FOREVER. I always liked pretending to be a puppy or a fops. I think I had a little side since I was 7 or so, but I covered it up for a long time to distance myself from other kids. I considered myself wayyy more mature than everyone else my age.

    But when I was 14 or so, I started looking more into the furry community, and found out about babyfurs. I 'cubbed out' for the first time. Buh, Iunno, I dropped it after a while.

    Then, after a traumatic incident, I started feeling like a little kid again. I really wanted someone to love and take care of me, forever. That's when I knew for certain.
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    AB for sure. I though that you could be an AB at two also (someone earlier said otherwise). Two is a point which you are still somewhat independent but have the need for someone to make sure you are clean and safe. I hope you are able to tell your husband. When I told my girlfriend which is now my wife I though I would die but I think that someone who loves you will be more curious than confrontational. Just let him know that this is part of who you are and you cannot help this. It could very well add a new level of togetherness to your marriage. Togetherness was the only word I could think of?

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    Just remember that honesty with the person you want to spend your life with will make your life so much easier. I also forgot to ask if you would want to have children. I am just curious how other people deal with this issue. We chose to not have children which is probably better for me being an AB, I dont know how I could balance the two.

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