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    Default Champions League Final

    Anyone going to be watching tomorrow? and if so who are you rooting for?

    I personally cannot wait for this game and of the two teams I would love to see Die Bayern take it. Granted if Inter won I wouldn't be too upset by it either (as long as Chelsea, Man Utd, or Real Madrid don't win it, I'm happy ). Still should be a great game. Maybe not the biggest names playing in it, but in my opinion, many of the players there should be somewhat well known.

    But yeah, either way I hope it is a good exciting game and not a blowout. And with it being on Network TV in the U.S. for the first time, I hope it ends up being an open exciting game that MAYBE gets a few people more interested in the sport of football (European) (and yes I'm like one of the few Americans that follow/actually call it football).

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    Inter Milan, Jose cannot be phased by anything at the moment. He is calm and really good when it comes to half time tactics. And Bayern are without Ribiery who is a key player when partnered with Robben, that siad it will be close and I can see it going to extra time.
    And as Man Utd fan I'd like to see Bayern defeated seeing as they only beat us because of the away goal rule and am not convinced that they can win, Inter beat Chelsea and Barcelona fair and square whereas Bayern beat Man Utd on a rule and not on actual goals and then beat Lyon who aren't the best team in all honesty.

    My prediction: Inter 3 Bayern 2 AET

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    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate Bayern. They already took the national Cup from my favorite team last week, so I hope they get stomped flatter than a stamp by Inter.
    They really don't deserve all that glory and money, or they'll be dominating the Bundesliga for years on end.

    Besides, in this country, there's only two sorts of people: Those who love Bayern (the football club), and those who hate them. I'm clearly in the latter group!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    What is your team?
    Werder Bremen

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    Well congrats to Inter Milan for winning, hopefully that made your day Peachy!

    I don't watch football (soccer) regularly at all (like the typical American) but it was an interesting game to have on while on IRC.

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