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Thread: Diaper with the highest (high not wide) waist

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    Default Diaper with the highest (high not wide) waist

    Hello everyone!

    3rd post so pardon my noobishness

    I am wondering for all the diaper gurus out there... What diaper would you say has the highest waistband? Think of the proportions of the blue classic pullups. If you look at the side view you'd think they would reach all the way up to our bellybuttons.

    I don't have much diaper experience (Hope to change that!) and something I'm trying to overcome is a problem when wearing overnight... and that is quite simply leaking out of the top when the equipment is "in the upright and locked position" when I'm sleeping.

    I've tried a set of bambinos about a year ago, and stupid me ordered small when I probably would have been better with a medium. (Hey I was just so damn happy to be getting a DIAPER that I didn't actually stop to think about fitting into it) and since then I only tried one other no-name brand adult diaper that was worth trash.

    I'm only a 32-34 waist and 160lbs so it's not like I'm huge or anything, but this has seemed to be a quick and immediate problem that I didn't think about. I remember getting this last pack and thinking to myself that the waist was horribly low and useless for the above problem, while I think the bambino's would have been slightly better given they were the right size.

    Does anyone know an adult diaper out there that specifically has a monster high waistband to help cure my little issue?

    I long for the days that someone would make an adult version of the classic blue pullup lol!

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    baby boys not suppost be up make sure pointing down so when go it don't come out the top lol I had learn myself reading about real baby boy diaper changing.

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    Well, I have a pair of these at home, and they rise a bit more than an inch above my belly-button (I wear the mediums). I've not yet tried them out very much, so I have no idea how much they absorb, the 'Super' one then. If you wan't to I can give you a heads up when I've tried them to their fullest?
    At least, here's a pic so you can see what I mean.

    Cheers lad

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    Hehehe Holy crapola! That IS big!

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    I have tried the Dignity plus disposables (not to be mistaken for the reusables), and they are very high rise on me (I am 5'9")! They go half way up my torsoe! I think they designed them for old men who wear there pants jacked up to there pits, or maybe to stop leaks while doing hand stands

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    LOL I might look into those! Thanks! I did some hunting and I can't find a single image of them anywhere being worn. Lots of drawings of them, but no reviews or wearing images.

    Thanks again!

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    I find that the ABU Large on my 32" waste works well for going up high. I have the problem with pokeing out the top of medium diaper sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juliancub View Post
    LOL I might look into those! Thanks! I did some hunting and I can't find a single image of them anywhere being worn. Lots of drawings of them, but no reviews or wearing images.

    Thanks again!
    I just measured one, size med, from front to back, the length is 34". For me they are somewhat higher in the back then the front, but that could be because I have no butt . They are not that absorbent, so I used them with a abena maxi booster

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    also you guys know your supposed to be pointing it down correct? Pointing it up is not a good idea (unless your into water sports)

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    Not sure if this is entirely necessary, but here goes.

    Growing up I always preferred having "it" pointing up instead of down. It just felt more comfortable to me. As I began to grow and develop, I realized I wouldn't really be able to do that because of size issues in the diaper. Especially with Goodnites, you can't have it pointing up because it goes above the diaper.

    Just like racer said, it's really best to have it pointing down. That's what the diapers are more designed for.

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