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    Red face Heyla

    Somewhat to my discomfort, I find I need to actually introduce myself . . . I had hoped to get more time figuring out the mores and customs here . . . .

    Honestly, I'm not very comfortable talking about myself, especially out of the blue like this . . . One supposes relevant facts could cover my absurd grasp of night pointless trivia (one of these days I ought to go on Jeopardy), a perverse and cynical streak tempered with small amounts of sarcasm (warranted not to exceed 45 times the LC50), author of numerous uncompleted works (mostly science fiction and fantasy), and hobbies that include playing most any sort of game considered geeky or nerdy. Oh, a forcibly truncated US Coast Guard career (not my fault, personally I'd rather NOT have been injured . . . . )

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    Well you forced out an introduction, so I'll welcome you to the group.

    I'm confused though. It shouldn't take long to figure us out as our rules are quite simple and easy to follow. You will find most folks helpful.

    Should you fear some random attack from within I assure you that the mods do a wonderful job of protecting members new and old alike from the less than desirable element that attempt to filter in from the sewers.

    If you fear outside difficulties just don't post your;
    full name,
    social security number,
    address, or
    GPS coordinates.
    I assure you that we are not covert opps or CIA.
    Shoot, if we were then we could track down and beat sense into a few people instead of hitting the much less satisfying

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here. We are a close knit community here, and we don't bite! If you do feel comfortable here, feel free to share some of your interests or hobbies. We would really like to get to know you more here, as a friend.

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