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    Default Modnation Racers

    This game seems to be going under hyped and a lot of people don't seem interested, but I can't wait for it!

    Anyone else getting it and wanna race?

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    Looks neat, besides the fact it's pretty much a Mario Kart ripoff.

    I'm sorry, but no kart racing game will be as good as Mario Kart.

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    I don't get it though, if Nintendo does it, when anyone else does it, it becomes a ripoff? A lot of people have the same view with 3D Dot Heroes and Zelda.

    And there were other kart racers too, like Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, Sonic Racing.

    EDIT: 3DDH was pretty much a tribute to zelda though, but people rage over that :|

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    YouTube - ModNation Loading

    That looks really, really fun.

    Also as far as I know of, Mario Kart was the first racing game like it. A handful of other games have tried to copy them (ripoff's) and none of them have ever been successful, for good reasons they just aren't as fun. Ripoff's aren't illegal, but normally they aren't very fun. Sort of like God Of War 3 is better then Dante's Inferno even though they basically play exactly the same.

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