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    So has anyone found this fetish has led to other fetishes? Like, I've spent time in the past researching fetishes and sexual kinks in order to understand my own. I feel like this has opened my eyes to a lot of things I would not have otherwise thought of as enjoyable. I haven't gotten to the point where I identify myself as having any fetish other than diapers, but it seems like this could be a gateway fetish for some. I know at least some BD/SM people have gotten into diapers through the same method, so why not the other way around?

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    same thing has happened to me, thats how i got into babyfur

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    I disagree with this. I don't think ABDL is a gateway fetish, but rather there's just some things that it has pulled from the back of your head and associates with ABDLism...

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    No,no, I didn't really mean that ABDL is actually a "Gateway Fetish." I just thought it was a funny title. I was really just talking about how ANY fetish could lead to others. Does that make sense?

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    ABDL definitely led to other fetishes for me, although I suspect I've had a bondage fetish all my life. Because I got involved in the online "diaper scene," I was led to other fetish sites and jumped off from there, haha.

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    Well, not really a 'fetish' for me, but I've ALWAYS been a fur, but only considered myself a BABYfur in the last few years. Furry introduced it to me.

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    Yeah, the diaper to bondage leap was pretty easy to make. More like a bunnyhop.

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    The diaper fetish that I had from age 4 has spread out to many other ones like furries and plastic.

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    The gateway fetish is having a fetish in general. When you acknowledge and are comfortable with having a sexual quirk, you're more open to looking into and exploring others.

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    Watersports after wetting diapers for the first time, it was a very easy step to make. I'm also starting to make the bondage step although haven't actually done any yet.

    I was a furry before I became a TB/DL but I wasn't a babyfur until last year.

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