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Thread: Help please!!!

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    Default Help please!!!

    O.K. so my dog is having issues with my next door neighbors ducks. My dogs a terrier and he loves to hunt especially ducks, squirrels and animals of prey. What should I do??? He's spending all of his time barking at these animals instead of playing with me! i've talked to my neighbors about it and they might try to move the ducks out to the front of their lawn instead of the back but then they said kids in the neighborhood come to mess with the ducks.

    Any advice? I tried to suggest the idea of putting them in the garage but then they told me that it just gets to messy in there. This is no bueno senors/senoritas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Shock collar.
    :shock: Those really hurt though and I don't wanna hurt him. This situation stinkssssssszzzz.

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    It looks like you are going to have to keep your dog in doors, though the dog should be able to go out. Perhaps you could introduce a good case of avian flu.

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    there was this one thing i saw on tv used to train dogs. it uses ultrasonics. so it dosent hurt them. but i forget what it was. maybe try asking your dogs vet for advice

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    Sounds like a job for the "dog whisperer" Cesar Milan. read up or watch the show. His methods of dog training are amazingly simple and extremely effective.

    He shows/tells you how to communicate with dogs in their own language. Guy walks in on lifelong professional dog trainers (with troubled dogs) and in about 5 minutes or less makes them look like complete idiots.

    The strong prey drive in your Terrier can be controlled with some pretty basic conditioning and a time commitment by you.

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    Maybe you could get a dog whistle, no pain like a shock collar. Blow the whistle every time the dog tries to go for a duck dinner.

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    You could have his vocal cords removed, if you don't wanna hurt him. Otherwise I'd say shock collar all the way. Doesn't hurt much. Just a little zap. more of a surprise than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokuei View Post
    Have you ever had a frequency that bordered on the edge of what you can hear? It can be extremely painful. This seems to be working on the fact that the person can't understand how the animal feels, but knows how it's working. I wouldn't say it's any more humane than a shock collar. Those things really hurt. (You can play with one on an iPod and see at what pitch it actually hurts. I did that to one of my roommates on a trip and I found a frequency I couldn't hear, but if you turned it on he would get a headache from across the room)

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