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Thread: How you got your first diapers

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    Default How you got your first diapers

    Story of how you got your first diapers, AFTER you were a baby/toddler.




    wait for it, wait, wait,


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    I rode to the store on my bike, and was quite embarrassed...the feeling like everyone is after you?


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    I was staying at my Grandmother's apartment, she had moved out to a different place, but we still had a lease on it for another week. So I convinced my mom to let me sleep over at the apartment. Around midnight I walked across the street to Safeway, dressed in a dark leather trench coat, sunglasses, and looked freaking bad ass.

    Then I got a pack of diapers (wow, they're heavier than I thought), and payed for them.

    Oddly enough, every single time I bought diapers at that store. The same cashier was there. The second time I got diapers I had a friend of mine come in the store for support, and we both laughed at the odd chance. (We named the cashier Tim)

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    I walked to an Eckerd about a mile from my house. I remember I was looking for something like pull ups. Of course, I didn't research it first, didn't even know there were other people who liked to wear diapers. I just knew Depends were adult diapers. And, I just saw "fitted briefs" which sounded about right. So I grabbed those and bought them. Then I discovered they were "real" diapers, which was even better.

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    well when i was way younger, lets see, 6-7 i think, i stole like 5 from my church. yes i kno, not the right thing to do, but i was young. my parents eventually found the spend stash in my closet when i was at school or preschool cant remember. i never had the courage to go buy some for my local rite aid, and also a person from my church who knew me worked there. it was until the summer after my senior year in hs that i went several towns over with my car to a walmart and bought depends bc that is the only brand i have ever heard of at that time.

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    I have always had the feelings to wear for some strange reason. The reason behind it, I had no idea why?

    When I was about 11 or 12, a younger cousin always used to visit our house with my aunt. I used to help out looking after my younger cousin back then with the nappy changes etc. I remember seeing all the nappies in the changing bag and one day I decided to steel one. I remember sticking it inside my top and taking it up to my room. Later that day in the evening, I would wear it inside my panties in my room. After my younger cousin got potty trained, my source kinda ended, so thats when I started to buy them.

    Back then pampers were different, pink for girls and blue for boys and size 6 didnt exist either. I remember I would go into the shop, feeling paranoid as ever and would buy the boys blue back of nappies as not to cause to much suspicion and I would hide them in our shed until nobody was home. Then I would take the pack and hide it under the floor boards in my room.

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    I took the bus to a grocery store that was far enough away from the area of the city I live in, with a backpack to store them in after I bought them. I remember buying some goodnites and walking out of the store so fast! This was about 5 years ago.

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