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Thread: What do you wear and when

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    Default What do you wear and when

    I currently wear cloth diapers with plastic pants at night, during the weekdays I wear a kind of (what looks like) cloth training pants (they are very thin, not very absorbent but during the weekdays I just want a little bit of extra thickness not necessarily to use it, but not thick enough that others would see it easily) during the evenings and weekend days a pocket diaper.

    What do you all wear.

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    A diaper and a night gown at night. Not as often as I'd like. Only once a week or once every few weeks.

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    Usually at night I wear something generic, thin so it's not too hot. During the day, when I don't have to work, I get into cloth, plastic pants, and my onesie -- crinkly and noisy, just how I like it. When I get randy and feel like fooling around I break out the Bambinos, usually doubled.

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    Maybe twice a week, it depends on the time of year. I wear more during the summer because there's more opportunity especially since school's off. I have like 9 Bambinos, that I'm trying to conserve but I'll have the chance to order more when the summer break comes around. I want a pair of plastic pants, preferably locking plastic pants although I've been successful in making a diaper locking mechanism :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear diapers 24/7. Usually I wear Abena or Molicare diapers.

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    When ever I am safely at home, I usually wear cloth diapers, plastic panties, and a frilly " little girl's " style outfit ( with all of the necessary accessories that compliment a pretty, ruffled dress ).

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    I wear cloth diapers, pull-on style, and plastic pants every night because I am a bed wetter. I usually wear regular briefs during the day unless I am traveling or think I might accidentally fall asleep (could wet then too).

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    when my parents are home, i wear a tshirt n short shorts as well as whatever diaper i may be wearing, but when there not home i usually wear just a diaper or a dress or something else out of my sister's wardrobe

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    Every night I wear a pinned-on cloth (gauze) diaper or, sometimes an Abena X-Plus, and of course plastic panties. Usually a nighty of my wife's choosing as well.

    On hikes, long drives or plane flights I wear some kind of diaper.


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