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Thread: Most affordable Abena

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    Default Most affordable Abena

    Does anyone know cheapest price to find Abena X Plus Diapers. thank you

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    This is the ONLY place I have found worth while getting them from. XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies
    There was only one other place I found that even had them & they always screwed up my shipment.
    If you find another place & have good luck with them please let me know

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    I did ebay won the auction paid for them then sell comes and said he ahd run out what kinda of person lists and item and doesn't make sure he has them

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    I'll vouch for XP as well they offer reasenable prices, quick service and free shipping on case lots.

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    I have used KCK medical and have been happy with them and have also used ebay

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    I've used XPMedical twice, but watch out, they have the cloth backed kind of diapers as well as the plastic ones...the cloth ones suck. Discrete shipping and very fast service.

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    so the cloth ones suck vs the plastic ones. how loud is the plasitc one I don't want loud thank you

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    Default Abena X-Plus

    XP Mecical is great -- fast and reliable.

    I've also gotten them from They have great deals involoving free shipping frequently, and you can include so many other products in an order. Just get on their email list by ordering something.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtfrotin2004 View Post
    so the cloth ones suck vs the plastic ones. how loud is the plasitc one I don't want loud thank you
    The "plasitc" one not too loud :P

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