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Thread: Most Common Occupation - What's yours?!

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    Default Most Common Occupation - What's yours?!

    Hey all,

    I am rather interested in knowing what the most common occupation of people on here is, and to see if there is any patterns. I don't like putting a set label on people, but if you could put what you classify yourself as ie TB, AB, DL...

    For all the Young'uns here, post what you are studying or what to do.
    Ill Start :P

    Occupation: Electronics and Communications Technician
    Currently Studying: Advanced Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: TBDL
    Orientation: Bi

    If you dont feel comfortable posting something, Dont!
    aussiebuoy Out.

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    School is my bet on what will be most popular, we have a lot of younger members... and younger people are generally in school. As for me, I am in school. I'm in high school at the moment, and am going to a community college next year. Don't particularly know what I will be focusing on, but I think that after getting two years of college in, I may join the Navy.

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    Occupation: Student (High School)
    Currently Studying: Media Production And Analysis, Photography, English, Maths And Human Biology.
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: TB-DL
    Orientation: Straight... I think :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    Occupation: Law Enforcement
    Currently Studying: Wicca (religious studies)
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: DL
    Orientation: Gay

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    Ok, I'll go:

    Occupation: Health Insurance Broker
    Currently studying: BDSM???
    Orientation: Bi

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    Okay, I'll tell:

    : Litigation Attorney
    Currently Studying: I mentor law students
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: I am urinary incontinent 24/7, so I use AB to cope
    Orientation: Straight
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    Occupation: Firefighter Paramedic
    Currently Studying: RN
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: I am urinary incontinent 24/7 but do like the AB every now and then when at home
    Orientation: Straight

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    Occupation: United Parcel Service, (UPS)
    Currently Studying: Sociology, and Astronomy
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: DL. Scalie, sometimes a kid fur.
    Orientation: Asexual

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    Occupation: Unemployed - Very common right now!
    Currently Studying: Language/Music study - Just something I do as a hobbie
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: Big brother if that means anything
    Orientation: Bi

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    Occupation: Computer Engineer/Company Director
    Currently Studying: Not a lot!!
    AB,DL,TB,FUR etc: AB
    Orientation: Bi

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