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    Default Hello there!

    I will be the first one to tell you that I do not post very often at many of the other forums I frequent, but I will try to loosen up here. In fact, I think I have an average of 1.5 posts a day as a maximum on my other boards (mainly sports related).

    Don't let that fool you though, as I am an avid sports fan. If you can name it, I've probably attempted to play or watch it. I just don't feel my input is necessary on every last subject.

    I'm also into video gaming, but am not really interested in the games from the new consoles. I play about 5 games on a rotation, none of which are newer than 2004.

    I don't watch that movies all that often, but I do have a staple of movies that I like, most of which are science fiction based (i.e. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc) and quite a few stoner comedies just for cheap laughs.

    Lets see, I'm a now a fifth year senior at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio studying Environmental Studies and Geography as well as miscellaneous other natural sciences. As I mentioned before, I am an avid Bobcat fan. Since I get in free to sporting events (one of the benefits of a paying my tuition to a smaller Division 1 university), I am at the majority of all home games and some select road games. I got to see my Bobcats stomp a mudhole in the Georgetown Hoyas personally.

    Hope I didn't irritate a few Hoya fans writing this introduction, but I hope I am welcomed into this community with open arms.

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    Welcome fellow Ohioan! Usually we have to ask people to tell us more about their "other" interests besides diapers (good job, by the way). So, why don't you tell us a little about your interest in diapers.

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    Welcome, another person from Ohio. Seems like I'm seeing more and more come out of the woodwork. Makes me wonder if I've walked down the street and seen someone from here, but had no clue who they were.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Just because I come from the DMV doesn't mean I give love to the Georgetown Hoyas! Probably a Maryland Terps fan now. Hope you enjoy your time here on this site and it is great to have another welcoming sports fan on this site. How bout dem Cavs!!!

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