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Thread: Help Identify These Diapers

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    Default Help Identify These Diapers
    The description is underneath the photo, but I was wondering who makes these youth diapers.

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    Those are "Wings" brand just as it says on the tabs, could probably do a Google search on that for more info.

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    yep, there wings. I have a bag under my bed, they are huge on me and don't absorb that well...

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    These look to be Kendall Wings Choice Plus Quilted, which have a fabric-like covering with velcro tabs, if I am not mistaken.

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    They are the Kendall Wings (The whole time I thought wings referred to the fact that the tabs were on the wings, lol). They're plastic covered on the front, but pink colored (which is what I love about them!). They seem to have decent absorbency than Depends/CVS Overnights, but I haven't been able to use them by themselves, only as stuffers. All the pictures I've seen so far is of them being white. Does anyone know why they're pink (does it signify aborbency or size)?

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    Pink refers to size youth White is Medium Blue Large Tan XL

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    Minutes ago I looked up Kendall Wings on the website of my normal adult disposable dealer. I see the case of 96 Wings Youth/Small is actually slightly more expensive than the case of 96 Medium.

    That makes the Wings Youth/Small about the same price as Attends in cases of 96. The Attends Youth Briefs are white but loose in the case, without being compressed into bags of 24. Personally I love this feature of Youth, since I do not need to open the inner bags to let them decompress before use.

    I did just order a case of the Wings Youth/Small so I can give them a fair comparison to Attends.

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    Wings are so cheap that I would put on 10 at a time to make use of them. I had like 8 cases that I got freom goodwill $5 a case ^__^

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    On another note, if anyone wants them for free I'm willing to send them out since they don't fit me.

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    here is a pic of there large size I was at a hospital and thought of taking a photo
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