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    Default Heath Ledger

    I just heard the news this afternoon, what do you guys think?

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    I agree. Fine actor, great range, and willing to take risks. Plus he had a daughter.

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    Unfortunately, for as much as I love Heath Ledger, I confess myself disappointed and angry that a drug-overdose was his undoing. It might never be known whether or not it was intentional or accidental, but your need to care for your child must, must, must transcend any choice of yours to recreationally imbibe a potentially dangerous substance of any sort.

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    It's rather sad. Not just his death, but that I have seen so many films from him and never truly knew him! Now I feel depressed...

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    all actors die of drug overdose...

    not trying to be cynical, but that's just how people get out of the job

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    My friend was devistated, she told me she and he had plans to run away together.

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    Yeah it's bad news...

    (I bet batman does better as a result though.)

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