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Thread: Hey there! ^.^ Nice ta meet'cha!

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    Hi there, Flopeared T. Bunnayrabbutt's my moniker, and I've liked others in diapers for... years, at least, stemming from a kink of mine which is not so different.

    Lately, I been dating another furry who likes being padded... and I got her some padding that was left over from a relative... Damn things are crap. Anyway, since they were out, I decided to try diapers on for size last night! ^.^ I never imagined it would be so freeing, or that I'd like it so much... Well, until they leaked all over the bed. I don't really mind that so much, though, so on the whole, wonderful experience.

    So, well... here I am. Hello!

    no edit button? Oh, wanted to add something to the effect that I originally thought this was something completely different, but hey, now I know, and I'm still here, sooo... yeah. ^^;;
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    Yep, that's me. ^^; I was originally thinking that it was more like another chatroom I frequent... But, it's not. Please forgive any social faux pas as I acclimate. ^^;;

    you know, more like the fetishy chats... the dirty, dirty places of the internet... The seedy underbelly of smut... The shining beacon of sexual depravity in a world full of the mundane. ;p
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    I'll admit I was confused for a bit, but after a little chat with someone, I realized the value of a support community for this particular niche.

    I mean, it's not so for other fetishes... Could you imagine a "fisting support forum?" I mean, 80% of the posts would be porn and "Wanna meet up and jam your arm up my rectum? I'm in *"...

    But, it works here. It's not a fetish for everyone, I see the value, and it's good exercise to be on the internet and not typing directly from my gonads... I haven't had to do that since... '05?

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    Welcome, Flop! Would I be correct in assuming you're a furry of a rabbit sort?

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    indeed. Of the white and floppy-eared variety. Pleased to make your acquaintance, otherfluffy. And you? :3

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