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Thread: Nerdy Hobbies!

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    Default Nerdy Hobbies!

    This first came to mind when I saw a D&D thread... But they asked that people not post unless they wanted to play, and since it was 4.0, I wasn't going to play.

    Who here has some nerdy/geeky hobbies or interests? I personally love playing Dungeons & Dragons!

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    OK... I might win this one...

    Comic books, RPGs(D&D, World of Darkness, BESM... Can't think of any others I'm currently playing), LARPing, internetting, overclocking, reading classic sci-fi, nethack, playing with electronics... umm...

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    I feel like a nerd with everything I like. I like soccer, but not the big four America-popular sports. I love transportation. I miss just watching planes take off and land at my local airport. I dunno. What's nerdy? I think that's nerdy.

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    I program for fun. Oh, and I also still play with legos. RPGs? yeah, video games? yeah, messing with computer hardware? yeah... I think I do the standard suite of nerd activities. Oh and I've never been but I'd be interested in joining a swordplay club, I know SCA and ECS do medieval stuff, but I'd really like to do roman reenactments.

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    I still have all my Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon cards. I wish I knew other people who still had them so I could place with them.

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    Try comic book stores. They sometimes have competitions. I know at least two people who play Yu-Gi-Oh, if you're in the right area... one of them might annoy you with how she plays, though.

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    I love video-games. I can sing "Still Alive" by heart. I am a Computer Science student who is taking a minor in both math and (modern) physics. I could get an A+ in a "history of the Olympics" class without attending a single lecture or doing any revision. I love manga, anime and Belgian/French comics. I still play Pokemon. My favorite sport to watch is Biathlon [o o o o o]. I am taking Japanese classes. I always watch foreign movies whit subtitles.

    Ya, I guess I qualify. The irony, tough, is that I am the "jock" of my little click in university ^^'.

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    My big nerd thing is Tetris; I play it for hours at a time.

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    My nerdy things? Well let's see:

    1) I love manga and anime.
    2) I love video games.
    3) I love Star Wars.
    4) I recently started playing Magic the Gathering
    5) I'm a huge fan of E-Sports

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